From the Stars

Angel (age 19) is the daughter of the king, who is the king of her home planet. Gilese. She started training at age 14 for a mission to gather black opal rocks to restore the life that is being lost. Th e only place where the rocks can be found is on what there planet calls "The most dangerous place." Earth. As she free falls onto earth she tumbles onto the forest ground, before blacking out she sees a figure imurging in the woods.

Niel (age 19) is the idiot son of the king, he isn't really an idiot he just fakes it so he can be left alone. His father is always trying to set him up with someone, but he doesn't want to get married anytime soon or ever at that fact. He one day travels into the woods and sees something fall from the sky, he thought of it as a meteorite but as he steps closer to see a girl.


1. Chapter 1

~~As Angel sat up in her bed she received an incoming video call from her father. She reached over to the remote, pressing the green button to the answer the call. Her father, Sebastian Evans appeared before her on the television screen. Sebastian was the king of the planet that she lived on—Gliese—This is a planet that resembles earth and is approximately five-hundred light-years from earth. 

Sebastian looked at his daughter with a scent of worry in his face. 

"You know," he started as his jaw was clenching, "you don't have to do this. You don't have to go." Angel had signed up for the mission to find the Black Opal. The Black Opal was the life source of their planet. This rock was their life and they were slowing running out of this rock. The only way to get this rock was to travel to the only place they had it. Earth.

"I'll be fine Dad," she said giving him a reassuring smile, "I have been training for this for 6 years." Angel had been training for this mission since she was thirteen years old. She knew that she was ready for this. 

"I have everything ready for you."

"Thanks dad."

"I even had your mom put your name on your underwear so you don't lose them."

"Dad!" Angel exclaiming giving herself a facepalm that she quickly learned was a mistake doing and started rubbing her throbbing forehead. 

Angel finished their conversation and said goodbye to each other. After hanging with her father she turned on the T.V. to watch some news. Angel walked to her closet to find the special made suit they were to wear on the trip to Earth. It was a black camisole with a black leather half jacket, with a dark blue slightly shredded pair of jeans, with my shoes being some simple black combat boots. 

As she started slipping on her boots she could hear the new anchor on TV talk about the mission.

Today is the day when Gliese's finest go to earth and retrieve the black opal to help Gliese become the planet that it was before. 

Angel couldn’t help but smile. She was smiling at the fact that she was doing something in her life, that she was sitting around just being the king's lazy daughter or just living the normal life. She knew she was doing something that could save the lives of millions of people on the planet. She stood up and walked over to her mirror to see how the outfit looked on her, she was amazed at how the jeans fit perfectly on her hips and how the outfit basically showed every curve that she had.

Admiring herself in the mirror she didn't realize that she had to be at the lift at eight-thirty. She looked down at her clock that had said eight twenty-five on it.

"Shit!" She murmured to herself. She threw her hair up into a ponytail and ran out of her room. Making her way downstairs she saw Leah her housemaid with a duffel bag in her hand next to an open door.

"Running late?" Leah asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Very much."

"Your duffel bag is right here. The car waiting to take you is out front with the destination already programed."


"Coffee? Already in the cup holder. Warm like you like it."

"Ok. Wait, what about—"

"I've already called and told them that you'll most likely be running a few minutes late."

"Woah. You must ready for me to leave." Angel said with her bag in her hand running toward the car.

"You don't even know." she muttered.

"What was that?" Angel turned to face her. 

"Nothing." Leah quickly said giving her an ear to ear smile. Angel laughed and hopped into the car. She looked over to the driver side to see her driver Galloup giving her one of his cute smiles. Galloup was an incredibly young man. He was in his mid-thirties but looked no more than twenty-five at least.

"Let's go?" he asked.

"Let's go!" She says excited. 

After a five minute drive they finally make it to the huge building called the Lift. Outside the lift were hundred of cameras and reporters. Angel signaled Galloup to head around back so she could go in through the back way instead of being drowned by cameras and people.

Angel waved by to Galloup as he drove away. She turned to see the rest of her team getting ready to head off, she hurried over to them.

"Late as usual." Victoria said with a smirk look on her face.

"Shut the f*ck up." Angel says playfully hitting her arm, "Where are you going to placed?" 

"The Europe. You?" 

Lucky, I wish I could've gotten that. What did I get? Hold up, did she just say "The Europe?"

"I don't know what I have. I hope that it's good." 

"Ask Mr. Tyme, I think he's the one that placed us in where were supposed to go." She pointed at Mr. Tyme who was typing in passwords to the computers. Angel started to walk toward Mr. Tyme when she felt a hand grab her wrist, "Another thing, we're going to earth where it's always bad. So don't worry about whether it's good or not cause they're all bad." Victoria let go of Angel wrists; Angel stood for a minute thinking about what she said before she was shocked out of her thinking mode by a loud deep voice.


"Yes?" Angel turned around to see Mr. Tyme behind her with clipboard in his hand.

"Why are you late?"

"You see what had happened was—"

"I don't care what happened!" 

"Then why did you ask?" She said in a hushed tone.

"Are you getting smart with me?" 

"Nope." Angel could see that Mr. Tyme was becoming angry with her, she decided that it was best if she changed the atmosphere a little, "Um...where am I  being placed?"

"Hmmm...Let me see...Oh here were are! It's a place they call the Europe."

"Huh?" She said with a confused look. I wish these people would call the place "Europe" instead of "The Europe."

"Yeah. Sorry." Tyme looked down at his watch and cursed under his breath, "Okay everyone! Into the tubes it's time to go!"

Angel ran to the tube with the number labeled twelve on it and hopped inside of it. When she got in she put on her oxygen mask. The sound of the intercom came on and she heard the voice of her dad.

My brave young people here right now, I want to go ahead and tell you thank you for all of your hard work you've put into this mission. I want to wish you all the luck and all the best hope. Angel nodded her head to everything that was being said, but she began to tear up when dad said these final words. One more thing, Angel sweetheart, make sure you don't get hurt over there. I don't think I could live with myself if anything were to happen to you. I love you so much Angel baby.

She could feel the pain in her heart at the thought of her leaving her father, but she knew that there was no turning back now and that this was her destiny.

You guys? This time it was Mr. Tyme's voice on the intercom. I kinda forgot to tell y'all something. You see you were going to fly there in the tube but something is wrong so were just going to sling you. Okay? Okay.

In every tube there were small microphones inside to tube, Angel laughed at some of the reactions from the others.

Are you serious?

This bitch.

Hey, I didn't sign up to get slung off somewhere!

The hell man!

Angel could see Mr. Tyme slowly fill with anger.

Shut the hell up and get over it! Mr. Tyme turned around and pressed a black button that seemed to start up the tubes we were in. Angel felt the inside of the tube crank up. Angel looked at Mr. Tyme and waved at him goodbye before being slung into space. 

It took almost an hour and twenty minutes till she earth. She unbuckled herself inside the tube preparing to do her free fall onto earth. She saw what l4ooked like Europe; she waited till she was within the atmosphere to begin her free fall. 

Let's do this. She thought to herself. After jumping out of the tube she turned her head to see the others free falling with her. Victoria was a few feet away from her, as much as she wanted to call her name the powerful wind was too much for her to even open her mouth.

After about five minutes of free falling Angel started to feel a little tired. Most free falls last about ten minutes. I guess I could— Before Angel could finish her thought she tumbled into the ground skidding across a forest ground ramming into a tree. She fell unto the ground hitting her head against a rock. Dizziness fell upon her. She felt as if she was going to pass out before she started hearing footsteps in the distance, she squinted her eyes to try and focus on what it is but with the throbbing pain in her head and the drooping of her eyes, she gave up on the battle to keep her eyes open.


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