The Demon Within

They listen to there own screams. There not normal! There not human! There demons... No There angles stuck with demons in them. The leader loves a demon. The oldest has a demon falling for her. The youngest loves a demon and an angle. They all have a demon some how loving them. ANGLE LOVES DEVIL. KARTER LOVES RYLA. EVA LOVES JACK (DEMON) AND DEMON (ANGLE). Demons have there names on the chest!!! Angles have there names sideways on there side! Angles - love demons because there strong and will never leave there side. Demons - love angles because they are more beautiful than anything. But Demon and Angles fight everyday but, what will happen when Angles clan fall in love with Devils clan will they stop fighting or will it keep happening!!!


3. Eva

Eva is the youngest of the angles. Shes new to heaven but she also goes throw lots more trouble than other angels as well. Almost like a demon. But instead she deals with her problems on her own. She never asks other angles for help and she just wishes to be independent. She loves to be on her own. Shes not so much for being with others. But when she is around Jack the demon or Demon the angle she gets a little out of it.She loves Demon and Jack but she doesn't know if they love her back. Thing is nobody is so nice to Demon because of his name. Her and Demon always sneak around late at night to be with each other for both there stakes. She is always there for him. He's one of the hottest angles in Angles clan there is. He has the most beautiful wings as well. He is always scared to be around people except Eva. Eva is always there for the ones she loves. But she hides from her older sister Ryla and the leader Angle. Eva is a little devil in the Angle clan as well she is never listening to the rules and never pays attention to anything. Plus she likes to steal the other angles things. For example she steals there elemental powers for herself. She is greaty and not so kind. She might look like a sweetheart but she really isn't.



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