The Demon Within

They listen to there own screams. There not normal! There not human! There demons... No There angles stuck with demons in them. The leader loves a demon. The oldest has a demon falling for her. The youngest loves a demon and an angle. They all have a demon some how loving them. ANGLE LOVES DEVIL. KARTER LOVES RYLA. EVA LOVES JACK (DEMON) AND DEMON (ANGLE). Demons have there names on the chest!!! Angles have there names sideways on there side! Angles - love demons because there strong and will never leave there side. Demons - love angles because they are more beautiful than anything. But Demon and Angles fight everyday but, what will happen when Angles clan fall in love with Devils clan will they stop fighting or will it keep happening!!!


2. Devil

Devil was once human like all demons and angles but he ended up being a demon. He ended up away from the love of his life. So one day he took his clan to see Angles clan... They thought it was a fight but really he just wanted to see her. When he did he kissed her and gave her a little demon sence. Devil loved her like she loved him. But it was harder for him to love cause he was a demon but know that he clamed some of her angle sence he can now love. Demons are filled with hate. Angles are filled with love. So when they are combinded they end up one. But when he kissed her.... she ended up being filled with more hate then she should of... Its not usual. Something was wrong with her. He would keep and eye on her everyday... Watching her cry for him... Then one night he decide that ever night he will go and see her... So that night he did and you could see her smile so bright... She kissed him... "still not fair" she whispered. He nodded his head. "yah but my love isnt fair Angle." he smirked. She hugged him tightly... "I missed you" she cried. "I missed you to baby" he liffted her chin to look into his eyes... "we can't leave eachother anymore" he said a tear falling down his cheek. "i love you to much to let you go" he said then kissed her roughly. She kissed back then they layed down and fell asleep together. Later that night he noticed that it was almost day so he wrote a note for her and left quickly before his clan noticed he was gone....




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