The Demon Within

They listen to there own screams. There not normal! There not human! There demons... No There angles stuck with demons in them. The leader loves a demon. The oldest has a demon falling for her. The youngest loves a demon and an angle. They all have a demon some how loving them. ANGLE LOVES DEVIL. KARTER LOVES RYLA. EVA LOVES JACK (DEMON) AND DEMON (ANGLE). Demons have there names on the chest!!! Angles have there names sideways on there side! Angles - love demons because there strong and will never leave there side. Demons - love angles because they are more beautiful than anything. But Demon and Angles fight everyday but, what will happen when Angles clan fall in love with Devils clan will they stop fighting or will it keep happening!!!


4. Demon

Demon is shy and scared of his clan. Everybody in his clan makes fun of him and treats him bad because of his name. Hes not normal and hes not really equal either. They treat him badly. But one girl dosen't. Thats Eva. He loves Eva but dosen't know if she loves him back. She is always around and there for him when he needs it. They hide at night to be secretive together. They tell eachother everything and there always there for each other. He loves her but he thinks she might love someone else. One night he went to see her to see a demon kissing her. When the demon left he came into view tears down his face. "who was he?" he asked "he's he's a friend im sorry i didn't know if you would be mad at all or anything." she cried "I LOVE YOU EVA I LOVE YOU" he cried then ran off away from her as far away from her and her evil sence. When a demon and an angle kiss they both end with a little bit of the oppistie. Now she is part demon and he can't take her anymore till he ran into a demon she looked just like Eva but with more curves and looks way older....



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