The Demon Within

They listen to there own screams. There not normal! There not human! There demons... No There angles stuck with demons in them. The leader loves a demon. The oldest has a demon falling for her. The youngest loves a demon and an angle. They all have a demon some how loving them. ANGLE LOVES DEVIL. KARTER LOVES RYLA. EVA LOVES JACK (DEMON) AND DEMON (ANGLE). Demons have there names on the chest!!! Angles have there names sideways on there side! Angles - love demons because there strong and will never leave there side. Demons - love angles because they are more beautiful than anything. But Demon and Angles fight everyday but, what will happen when Angles clan fall in love with Devils clan will they stop fighting or will it keep happening!!!


1. Angle

Angle was a normal angle. She loved being the head of the clan. She was always there for her fellow angles. She was the most powerful girl of them all. She was tough and could beat all the angles. She might look real weak but shes really tough. She is always there for her clan and makes sure there safe. She was pretty good for all you can here. Then one day the demons came to attack. The most powerful one took on Angle. She was scared she couldnt fight him. She knew that much. She knew that if she fought him she might lose. Then he did something to her he kissed her. Nobody saw. But a demon kissed an angle and when that happens the demon hands of a little demon to that angle and then they are bonded for life. "I love you" he whispered to her. She was scared she then remembered. It was her boyfriend before she died and went to the heavens to live the angle life. "Devil" she whispered. He nodded his head and licked her lip and left. "but why" she looked at him. "I'm a demon remember and know you are a little bit to" he walked of and looked at her once more and winked at her. "NOT FAIR DEVIL NOT FAIR" she screamed....



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