Dear Soldier

A young girl named Aniya Gracely Benz grew up in a town where you lived, died, and nothing more really happened.
One day she met a young man named Johnathan Swazi, a boy going into the army right after high school. They went to the same school, and never really talked until one day Aniya ran into him while walking to her transfer bus. That is where their story unfolds in this romantic and dramatic story.


1. Our Meeting

The city was bathed in darkness and rain was falling in sheets. It was so beautiful. Normally, this time of year was supposed to be snowy and magical, but for some reason this year I was not in the happy holiday mood. 

I sat on the loud school bus dreaming of the future and what is held for me. Would I still be with the love of my life Jasper? Or is that some how too perfect for me?

I looked out the window, out at the beauty of the town. Why couldn't I be as beautiful and mysterious as the darkness? 

If my boyfriend had heard that thought, he'd tell me, " Aniya Gracely Benz, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Please don't think otherwise." And he'd spend forever convincing me. I'd eventually give in and say okay okay. But secretly I'd still hate myself. 

My body is fat and ugly. 

My stomach isn't flat. It was pudgy with stretch marks. My legs weren't the perfect amount of fat. They were the product of too many McChickens from my favorite fast food place. My arms weren't skinny or toned. They were saggy, and had freckles scattered everywhere. My shoulders weren't soft, they had stretch marks. My butt wasn't round, it was flat and flabby. My face was round, with little red pimples and scares from where I popped some of them. My eyes were hidden behind think glasses. My eyes were deep ocean blue. My nose, which I had gotten told was from my mom, was I guess okay. My lips were flatish but I guess they were okay. My hair was dark brown like dirt of mud. 

The only think I truly and actually liked were my boobs. 

But, for some strange reason he still loved me.

As we pulled up to the large high school. The rain, thankfully, let up. I put my headphones in, and my hood up. 

Today was just another day. 

I walked off my bus, and fixed my skirt. I watched my feet as I speedily walked to my high schools transfer bus. 

When I realized he was in front of me, it was too late. I walked straight into him!

He was tall, muscular, handsome and he looked older than me. I stumbled back a bit and looked up at him. 

 He was wearing camo. His hair was black and messy. His eyes were a beautiful brown. 

I knew him. Johnathan Swazi. Sophomore at my school and a heartthrob of all the freshmen girls. So, I was older than him. 

When I realized I had been staring and he was staring at me. My face became very red and my anxiety sparked. 

I whispered, sorry, and sped off. 

That day I didn't realize he'd be in my life forever. 

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