Lea is a quiet girl. She doesn't talk to anybody; her teachers, her parents, no one. Then Calum moves to town and changes Lea's whole life. Lea feels happy, but will things last?

*mild talk of depression. there will be a sad ending that revolves around suicide, so if you are triggered by that or feel uncomfortable reading that, please do not read.


3. lea's pov

i walked in with my head down and my hair covering my face, hoping no one would notice. of course they did. calum sensed that i was uncomfortable and grabbed my hand. i was shocked that my body didn't pull away from his touch. the most popular girl in our school sauntered up to calum. 

"hi. my name's kalani. and you are?" she lifted her hand up to shake calum's hand. he didn't reach for it.

"i'm calum. now could you move out out of the way? lea and i would like to eat lunch," he calmly replied. 

she didn't move, "i know you are just doing this because you feel bad for her. i mean who wouldn't? the ugly hair, the black clothes, the horrible band t-shirts. she is obviously a loser. why don't you come sit with me?"

"if you haven't noticed, lea and i are dressed virtually the same. and no, i'd rather sit with a real person than a fake one," calum said. he gently pulled my arm, shoved kalani out of the way, and pulled me to a vacant table.

i saw kalani's face turn scarlet, probably out of frustration. usually kalani had guys wrapped around her finger, but when calum was uninterested, she was confused.

"hey lea. are you gonna eat your lunch?" calum asked me.

i shook my head.

"do you even have a lunch?"

i shook my head again.

"do you want me to buy you a lunch?" calum pressed.

i was becoming more frustrated. "no."

the sound came out as a raspy whisper, but it was still audible.

calum's face paled, "you talked. i made you talk. oh my god. you talked!" he giggled, clearly excited.

i felt my lips pull into a grin. this boy, who i had only known for a few hours, made me talk. i could tell that this was the start of a long friendship.


A/N: Holy crap. She talked. I was not expecting that. Wow.  


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