Lea is a quiet girl. She doesn't talk to anybody; her teachers, her parents, no one. Then Calum moves to town and changes Lea's whole life. Lea feels happy, but will things last?

*mild talk of depression. there will be a sad ending that revolves around suicide, so if you are triggered by that or feel uncomfortable reading that, please do not read.


2. calum's pov

after i helped her up, she just walked away. i stood there, confused. why won't she talk to me? did i do something wrong? i shook it off and headed to my next class, which according to my schedule, was math.  i walked in the door and sat down in the only seat, which was in the back. i went through my binder, looking for a pencil. i couldn't find one. i leaned over to the person next to me to ask them for a pencil; my desk partner was a girl. something about her looked oddly familiar. then i realized it was the quit girl. 

"do you have a pencil i can use?" i asked her.

she nodded.

"not to be rude, but why don't you talk to anyone?" i felt nosy asking her this, but i really needed to know. she shrugged and proceeded to write her name on the worksheet we had been handed. 

all she wrote was "lea". she didn't write a last name. 

"lea," i asked, her head shot up when she heard her name, "can i sit with you at lunch?"

------ lea's pov -----

calum asked me if he could sit with me at lunch. i hesitated, but eventually nodded. nobody has ever asked to sit with me. i am that weird quiet girl that no one cares about. 

for the rest of the period, we worked in silence. the bell rang, signaling that lunch was about to start. calum and i grabbed our things, shoved them in our lockers, and rushed off to lunch. 

"lea, you know i'm gonna make it my mission to make me talk to me," he asked on the way. 

i panicked. i hadn't talked to anyone for about 3 years. as if he could sense my discomfort, he quickly added another statement.

"but you don't have to. not right away. but one day, maybe i'll hear your voice," he whispered the last part, almost inaudible. 

i nodded. when we arrived at the lunch room, we glanced at each other, took a breath, and stepped inside.


A/N: Wow, my story sucks. If you are one of the few who actually like it, can you leave me some comment and ideas below? I looooove you my penguins!

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