The Perfect Model

Scarlet is a young woman who knows what she wants and gets it. Long black hair and big brown eyes. She is tall and beautiful. Women are jealous of her and men want her. She lives in a small town and wants to leave. But first she has other things to do. She is full of mystery. Scarlet is a perfect model. She has many offers. But no one knows what she is or what she does. You will find out!!


1. The Perfect one

Scarlet was on the phone when another call came through.  It was her agent.  She had to go to work and had to leave right away.  She took a quick shower and slowly put her clothes on.  Combed her long black hair and got her purse.


She got in her car and was quickly going along.  She had the radio on nice and loud.  Was singing and was happy.  She knew she was going to make a lot of money.  Scarlet is a model.  Everyone says she is a perfect model.  Someone always wants her.


Women are jealous of her and wants to be like her.  Men love her and want her.  They will do anything for her.  She is treated like a Queen.  Men stand around to see if she will need help.  But she never pays attention to them.  She does not have time for men.


As Scarlet walks in the smiles start and women stare.  She is such a beauty.  She makes men feel like they are a King.  They listen at every word.  The women try to dress like her.  She walks with her head held high.


As she goes down the hall.  She drops her purse.  As she drops to her knees,  she feels a hand on her back.  As Scarlet looks up.  She is amazed.  There looking at her was the most handsome man she had ever seen.  Tall, dark, and handsome.  Black wavy hair and brown bedroom eyes.  A strong man.


She thanked him and said she had to go.  He said my name is Salvatore.  Would you have a cup of coffee with me,  when you are through?  She looked at him and thought,  why not.  That was a big mistake!!



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