Navigate The Stars

What do you get when five eighteen year olds who are total opposites of each other end up stranded on an exotic island with no money, no food and no clothes?

You get two weeks of adventure full of mishaps, inventions and weird methods to try and find a way home.

Daren, Hope, Erik, Ceasar and Renee join a two-week long cruise trip and end up being late to board it again after visiting an exotic island. They try to find ways to return home as well as get along with each other.
Will two weeks of trials and tribulations bond them together? Or will it break them apart?

Copyright © 2015 by SyreneTajul
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
without the express written permission of the author.


2. Chapter One- Erik DeGray

I stepped out of the car and my foot crunched the asphalt on the ground. I looked up and saw the greatest view I had ever witnessed in my life. The view of one of the most majestic cruise ships I’ve ever seen; the Queen Victoria Ocean Liner or as it’s more formally known, MS Queen Victoria. I was in awe.

This humongous ocean liner stood before me at 205 feet, it’s hull was painted black and it’s construction made me marvel at the beauty of it. It has the capacity of 2,014 passengers, which made me a bit anxious. I’m not socially anxious...I just don’t like large crowds.

I look around me and I see a few teenagers starting to board the ship. I recognise some of the teenagers from school, but being that I’m not close to any of them, I quickly turn away so that they don’t notice me.

My mum stands in front of me, looking like she was about to cry.

I gave her a look.

“Mum, we’ve been through this,” I say to her gently and this just makes her even more upset.

She starts to sob, wiping away a few tears that had rolled down her cheek.

“I’m sorry Hope,” she says, taking a tissue out of her handbag and wiping the tears away, leaving a few smudges of mascara on her cheek.

“It’s just that you’ll be gone for two weeks. Two weeks! What can I do in two weeks without you?”

My face softens at that and I give my mum a big hug.

I can’t really blame her. I’m an only child and my mum raised me as a single parent. Being an only child meant that I spent most, or all, of my time with just my mum. My mum was the only person that I could have ‘real’ talk, or as some people call it, ‘girl’ talk, with. I had way too many trust issues; so much to the point that I didn’t even want to tell my school counsellor anything because I just didn’t trust her enough to tell her my biggest secrets, my biggest fears or anything about me. I’m a closed book and not much can convince me to open up.

Me being an only child also meant that my mum was very overprotective of me. When I was growing up, she wouldn’t allow me to go out with anyone alone, or even with a group of friends, for ‘safety’ reasons. I’ll admit, it annoyed me and I got mad sometimes, but I guess being an only child, these issues were bound to happen. I’m the only one my mum has, so I guess it was pretty reasonable as to why she wouldn’t let me go out.

So you could imagine my surprise (and happiness) when my mum agreed to let me go on this cruise trip.

My school told us about this trip about three months ago, way before the school holidays started. They told us that this trip was only exclusive for seniors, which, of course, made everyone feel that they were entitled to join it. A lot of people in my class was on board (pun unintended) with the idea. I was too. The only problem was my mum.

She was sceptical about it at first, but of course, which parent wouldn’t. This was a cruise trip to exotic islands for two weeks, non-stop. Plus, this trip wasn’t held under the school, it was just promoted by the school to its students, like an idea for a holiday activity, which meant that the school wouldn’t be held responsible for any loss or damages. Sounds...promising.

My mum eventually agreed, though it took a lot of convincing.

“Listen, Hope. If there’s any problem or anything, call me immediately okay? Don’t forget to update me of your whereabouts and what you’re doing. Message me every two hours so I know you’re fine. Don’t forget to check your important belongings before and after you leave the ship okay? Make sure to check again when you board it again. Also, don’t forget to-,”

“Mum,” I chuckle quietly, giving her another hug.

“I’ll be fine, I promise. I also promise to call or message you if there’s anything,” I assure her.

My mum hugs me tighter and I swear, I was so close to breaking down right then and there, in front of everyone; in front of my classmates.

“Get back safe, okay,” my mum says softly, giving me one last tight hug.

We pull apart from each other after a while.

This is the furthest that my mum can send me off. After this point, I have to register and check-in my luggage and start boarding the cruise ship.

I start to walk away to head off to registration, but before that, I turn around one last time and give my mum one solemn wave, letting her know that I was going to miss her, a lot.



I headed straight to the registration table and wrote down all the information needed, presenting my ticket to a lady on duty at the table. I checked-in my bags and she tied a tag to the bag, with my registration number on it.


“Here is your room key,” a girl, who was probably about eighteen or nineteen, at the registration counter passed my room key to me with a smile.

I returned the smile and took the key from her.


“I hope you enjoy your trip,” she added and I give her a friendly smile.

I gathered my luggage but at the same time, I was fumbling with my room key. It dropped on the floor as I was trying to organise everything.

I bent down to pick up the key and when I was about to stand up, my head bumped into somebody.

“Ouch,” I say, rubbing my head and slowly standing up.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologised and looked up to see who I had bumped into.

The moment I saw him, my good mood immediately turned sour.

Standing in front of me was Erik DeGray. My expression immediately turned to annoyed, which was sort of a reflex for me now at this point.

“Well, well. Look who finally got permission to leave her cage,” he teased, referring to my strict household. I swear, if he wasn’t 6 feet tall, I’d punch him; figuratively speaking, of course. I can’t punch to save my life, I’d probably break my hand, especially if I punched Erik. Erik is a big guy, as in lean and fit, which should be the case, since he’s an athlete. I mean, was, since we’ve already graduated.

Erik was the school athlete for the past 4 years. Every year since he joined the track and field team when he was 14, he represented our school in state and national competitions. He was even in the football team, which meant that everyone knew him. Who in our school doesn’t know the school’s star athletes? The answer was nobody; nobody didn’t know them.

To inflate his ego even more, he was also the captain of the school’s football team in his final year. To Erik, that meant a free ticket to skipping classes and using ‘I had practise’ as an excuse. He also likes to pick on me. Specifically me. How did he get away with teasing me?

Firstly, no teacher gave a crap about anyone in school, and secondly, he used the “we’re childhood friends” card. Well, he’s not wrong.

We used to be neighbours and went to the same primary school together. We were so close, the other parents in the neighbourhood told our parents that we were ‘inseparable’.

Turns out that statement is untrue, ‘cause eight years later, here we are, glaring at each other and secretly hoping for one another to get run over by a car.

I don’t exactly know what happened between us that caused us to drift apart, but I’d say it was a result of peer pressure.

Erik was always the one everyone wanted to hangout with, and then there’s me, the polar opposite. I guess when we entered high school and he started to mix around with the other athletes, he began to realise how uncool I was. Hence, here we are, ripping at each other’s throats. The saddest thing is, I used to share everything with him, so basically he knows my deepest and darkest secrets. Great.

“Whatever Erik,” I said, picking up my luggage and brushing past him, hitting him in the process. Good. Let that hurt….like it’s hurting me right now. Ouch.

As I walked away, he calls out my name.

“Hey Hope!”

I stop in my tracks and roll my eyes. What does he want now? Should I even listen to him? I turn around anyway, though I make it obvious that I was annoyed.

“What?” I say, faking a sweet smile.

He smirks.

“Don’t miss your mommy too much,” he says and his friends begin laughing amongst themselves.

I roll my eyes and turn around, heading toward the deck to board the cruise ship. However, I couldn’t get Erik off my mind.

Who does he think he is? In case he forgot, he once cried for his mother because we got lost at a park. We were ten at the time. God, he’s the crybaby, not me.

I shake my head, trying to forget him. I don’t need to waste my time thinking of him.


I inserted my room key into the scanner and the door clicked open.

I opened the door to my room and before my eyes was the most lavish and beautiful room I had ever seen. The interior was stunning; yellow light flooded the room from the lights that were strategically placed, to give the room a cosy atmosphere. There were two beds in one side of the room, covered in white linen and the pillows looked so fluffy, I wanted to bury my face in it.

There was a study desk at the other side of the room, opposite to the beds, with a notepad and pencil along with a study lamp. The floor of the room was covered with red carpet and the mirror over our beds was huge and was gold-rimmed. Fancy.

 I entered the room and placed my luggage next to my bed.

I headed toward the wardrobe to check it out. I opened the doors and looked inside the wardrobe. I nodded, looking up and around the wardrobe. It was decently big and had enough space for two people to share, if I’m getting a roommate.

I’m sort of wishing I am; I didn’t want to be all alone in this huge cruise ship. It’d be nice to meet a friend.

I closed the wardrobe door and headed toward the bathroom.

There was a bathtub and a shower as well. The sink top was placed with all sorts of bottles, from shampoos to conditioners to body lotion.

After checking out the bathroom, I exit it, heading toward my bed to get some rest.

Suddenly, the room door clicks open. I quickly turn around to see who it was.

A girl with long brown hair walks in and she notices me.

She gives me a small smile.

“Hi, I’m Renee,”


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