Before and after/ a twilight story


3. Carlisle's pov

Forks Washinton, a very nice and rainy place. We were halfway to our new home, when I turned to glance at the kids in the back. "How is everyone?" I asked. "Everyone's fine." Eddward said, answering for everyone. Eddward is a mind reader. Jasper can mania control your emotions. He can make you feel calm, scared etc. Alice can see the future. Emmett is very strong, and Rosalie is beautiful. Not prettier than my wife, Esme.

I felt bad for Eddward, he has no mate. Everyone seemed to have one. Esme and I, Rose and Emmett, Alice and Jasper.

Pulling in to the garage, Alice opened the door, stopped and stared. Jasper looked at Eddward. "What?" He asked. "A girl?" Eddward asked. "A girl!" Alice cried. She looked pleased. While Eddward looked furious. "Tell us what's going on?" Esme asked, touching Eddward's arm. "A girl is new to Forks. She's very interested in us." Alice said. "Oh no!" Rose hissed. "Dn't worry. I think her name is Bella. We'll be the best of friends!" Alice sang and flew inside. The rest of the family stared. Who is this mysterious girl?

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