Falling Tiara ~on pause~

Aura just tuned 16. She was born into royalty. She is princess Aura Mary Winters of the country of Alexandria. Her birthday just passed and with 16 comes marriage. Rein has been Alexandria's enemy for centuries. Aura's parents in an act of piece have agreed to wed Aura to the son of Reins rulers, Louis. The downfall of it all is Aura has no interest in marriage.


1. shock

           I stood in the ball room. Alice and Diana stood beside me. We watched them putting the last decorations up. The ball hadn't even started yet, I was already growing faint from the tight dress I was forced into. It was blue and lacy. It seemed perfectly fine on the hanger but, now that I was stuffed into it I feared it looked quit distasteful on me. 

"This is going to be a very fine night, Aura." Diana chimed

          I scoffed and chuckled in despite of myself. Diana tilted her head and raised an eyebrow.

"And why shall it not?" she asked

"It'll be like all the other balls, filled with people who I do not know and others who I should care less about." I replied

         Diana sighed and played with the ends of her hair.

"Just smile for once, Aura." Alice begged

         I glared at her and she looked down ashamed. 

"Sorry, my princess. It was just a request." she mumbled

        I rolled my eyes and sighed hopelessly. Why should I have to come to these pointless balls? Their no fun anyhow. The most that ever happens is if Miss Everdeen comes. She is at least 85 and she has this small purse dog that she carry's around. The dog is fun to follow and see what kind of mischief it can get into. One time, the dog ripped Mr. Pierce's (the butler who I swear has it out for me) trousers in front of the whole party. My thoughts were caught by mother walking through the large doors and gliding up to me. Her dress was deep red and puffy at the bottom. Red was her coronation color. She stopped in front of me.

"Aura, the royals of Rein will be attending the ball." she informed 

       My eyes went wide and Alice gasped. 

"M-Mother...Why?" I stuttered

"We will talk of terms of peace. I expect you to behave yourself, I don't want anything going wrong. I hope I am understood." she warned and with that turned on her heels and walked out

       Alice turned to me and her mouth was opened wide.

"Peace?! They have slaughtered us!" she shouted

     I glared at her.

"My parents know what they are doing, don't ever question that. End of discussion." I snapped

Alice and Diana looked at each other then back toward me.   

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