Falling Tiara ~on pause~

Aura just tuned 16. She was born into royalty. She is princess Aura Mary Winters of the country of Alexandria. Her birthday just passed and with 16 comes marriage. Rein has been Alexandria's enemy for centuries. Aura's parents in an act of piece have agreed to wed Aura to the son of Reins rulers, Louis. The downfall of it all is Aura has no interest in marriage.


2. Ruler Of Rude

           The ball was crowded with lots of important people. Miss Everdeen brought her dog so I walked around with it for a while but, got bored so I stood next to Diana and Alice. Diana was jumpy and Alice for once in her life said nothing. They looked around worriedly. People came up and kissed my hand. They told me how lovely I looked and bowed. The smile on my face was as fake as the hair atop of Mister Pierce's head because, in truth i was dying of heat and anxiety. It was quite a surprise when Miss Everdeens dog ran up and ripped a piece of lace off my dress and bonded away with it. I quickly chased after him.

"Come back!" I yelled after it

          I chased him and when I finally caught up to him he sat growling. Confused I followed his look. Just a few feet away stood the Tomlinson's... Reins rulers. I gulped and dropped the dog. He whimpered and ran away. I straightened my posture and raised my chin. Rein's king approached me. All eyes in the room followed him. When he stopped in front of me, I curtsied and he bowed with a slight smile. 

"Ah, you must be miss Aura. Pleasure to meet you." he greeted 

"And you too your highness." I replied

           He smirked slightly and walked to my parents. I then noticed a boy who looked a few years older than me had been standing next to the king. He was looking at me. For a slight second the corners of his mouth lifted into a smirk but, quickly vanished. 

"M-May I help you?" I questioned

"No, ma'am. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Louis prince of rein and next in line for the throne." he jibed 

          My eyes widened and i blushed in embarrassment. That made me angry, he wanted me to look foolish. This time he smirked and it stayed. His smirk painted his face as if it was made to be in that cocky pose. I took a moment to observe him. He had slicked back brown hair, greenish eyes, freckles dotted his face, and his nose was small. He was about 17 or 18 I was guessing, and was relatively handsome.

"Are you gonna introduce yourself or just stand there foolishly?" He asked rudely

          I was taken back by this comment. My eyebrows furrowed stupidly.

"Excuse me?" I asked

"Are you going to introduce yourself or just stand there foolishly?" He replied slowly

         I swallowed and straightened my shoulders.

"I-I'm Aura... Princess of Alexandria second in line for the throne." I answered

         Louis made me feel very foolish and I knew that what his intention. 

"That's better. It's nice to meet you, Aura." he spoke gently

        I didn't answer but, studded his eyes trying to figure him out and his intent. His eye's showed nothing. I knew behind them he hid his personality and his thoughts but, he let nothing show through. I had a feeling I was letting him see right though and he was taking advantage of it. 

"Your eyes are beautiful..." I told him mistakenly

       This comment took him by surprise. His eyes widened and he raised his eyebrow. When he recovered though, he smirked and nodded.

"I get them from my mother." he replied and looked at my dress

"I see your coronation color is blue, mines green." he mentioned

      I nodded. He shifted from foot to foot. He seemed to have nothing else to say. I smiled slightly.

"Alexandria seems alright. A little less dirty then what I've been told." he told me

     I stopped smiling and glared.

"You are unspeakably rude!" I scolded

     He shrugged and smirked.

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