1. Chapter 1

         "Now Dadara was trapped by the pirates against the ledge of a cliff. Captain Gin readied his sword to slash Dadara. There was no where to go, but over the ledge or to be captured. Taking a breathe to calm himself Dadara took one step back and let himself fall to the raging waters below. Captain Gin and his crew rushed over to look over the ledge, expecting to see a drowning boy; but instead they say nothing. Until they heard joyful  laughter above them. There Dadara was flying above them in a taunting manner waving their treasure around. "You little brat I'll get you for this!" Captain Gin yelled furiously. "Ha but you'd have to catch me first!" Dadara said as he castes a spell making it rain onto the pirates before running into the woods. Dadara returned home safely and was able to return everything that the pirates stole." 

        "Tell me Sora, do you believe in magic?" My grandfather asked me looking up from the book he was reading to me. A smile spread across my face as I answered cheerfully "Of course I do! I want to have magic and save people just like the hero in the book!" 

        He smiled fondly giving me a kiss on the forehead before tucking me in for bed. "As long as you stay brave and believe in yourself anything is possible." He dimmed the lights and before closing my door whispered goodnight. That was the last time I ever saw my grandfather, he passed away in his sleep a few days later. My grandmother, not being able to handle the grief sent me to live with my biological father, who I never even met. And as I grew older, I learned that the world had no magic, no kindness, only greed and misfortune.





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