The world has yet to come


1. His cold eyes...

”His cold eyes burned into my skull just by looking at him, this is where I saw his despair and sadness. ”

It was a cold winter morning, everyone and everything was so stressful. But that is what to be expected from the first work week of the year. I myself must admit that I also was stressed. I had just started my new job, I was now an assistant for a professor at the Oxford university. My first real job. I couldn't wait!

I pushed the big doors, to Oxford university, open. The great big hall was as empty as can be and every sound gave an loud echo. Maybe everyone was at class, or maybe they were somewhere else? I didn't know, but the only thing I knew was that I was completely lost. There was nobody?! I didn't know what to do!

I walked down one very long corridor, it seemed like it was more than a mile long, but that wasn't my biggest concern right now. I just countiued down the corridor. I suddenly he

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