Need Idea for Name

First chapters of a novel I plan to write, please leave feedback, and ideas for a title.

Alexander Hunter is the seventh son of Satan, a demon. He works in The Dark Dragon, a popular backdoor club run by Dominik Myszkowski, head of a vampire clan. Under Dominik's rule is Ethan Dancelli, a lovable 6ft 10" South African man working as a bodyguard, security and a bouncer, Kray Piran, a dickish 6ft 2" jerk also serving at the bar with Alex, and Will Clayborne, a quiet but calculating and sneaky bastard, who manages the club's finances.
There is always an introduction of a love interest, Damon, a Reaper, at the top of his class back in Hell.


1. Prologue



The year 4372.
Supposedly the year of the people.
But what did the world develop into?
A world of destruction.
Nice on the outside, but once you get in, there’s no getting out.
You’ll be dragged through hell and back again if you get exorcised, and no, that’s not just a way to get rid of your demon problems.
Poor men are the ones that get taken off the streets, get catcalled, raped, kidnapped, forced into slavery, sold off, forced to perform tasks that no-one would want to perform unless they were broken into simple pieces of a man.
The wealthy men rule now, women below them on the hierarchy no matter if they are richer or poorer, and those men who are barely scraping by, who work several jobs a week, who barely get paid minimum wage, those are the ones in trouble.
No matter the species, the men are always divided into wealth categories, of course there are incidences where a rich man has taken pity on a poor man and helped him, or a woman has taken a liking to a poor man and felt for them. But generally, the rich men and the women get such a wide choice of slaves and servants, it almost seems unfair.


The city’s themselves are fighting upon each other, at one another’s throats. The technology has been advanced for some time now, but there are always ways of making them better. Electronical home designing is fitted into every living space, with many different settings depending on the era people want to feel from their homes. Medieval, French cuisine, Italian city buzz, space, futuristic, modern. You name it, there’s a theme for it. The electronics of the buildings are so detailed, yet privacy is so expertly created, there’s simply no known way to hack into it.
There’s always a way…


The future is weird and dangerous, it was always thought to be, and probably will be even further forward into time. The weapons of the future are weird, multi-setting guns, with stun, knock-out, incapacitate, and kill as their main settings. The systems they’ve got in place, even for the most mundane of tasks, are weird.


For those who have the money to buy, or skill to build them, there are the ani-pets. These come in the form of any animal you wish and hold an artificially intelligent robot. Whether you want an actual pet or a companion, you can change all of this at the programming stage. These ani-pets are the better design of animals, which are now only used for farming for a wide range of materials. They can withstand all weather, can assess real life situations and decide on an appropriate action to take. However, if you don’t have the skill to deactivate the government issued tracker, then ‘they’ know where you are every minute of every day.


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