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First chapters of a novel I plan to write, please leave feedback, and ideas for a title.

Alexander Hunter is the seventh son of Satan, a demon. He works in The Dark Dragon, a popular backdoor club run by Dominik Myszkowski, head of a vampire clan. Under Dominik's rule is Ethan Dancelli, a lovable 6ft 10" South African man working as a bodyguard, security and a bouncer, Kray Piran, a dickish 6ft 2" jerk also serving at the bar with Alex, and Will Clayborne, a quiet but calculating and sneaky bastard, who manages the club's finances.
There is always an introduction of a love interest, Damon, a Reaper, at the top of his class back in Hell.


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Everyone looked over at the door where the bar stool was lying in splintery chunks over the staircase, and at Alex who stood up straight almost immediately. He growled low, the sound resonating around the room. But he stopped himself, resulting in him gritting his teeth hard, and stalked to the door that led to all of the bars backrooms.

As he walked across the rooms, people looked back down at their drinks. The people who had been frozen mid fight after one of them had thrown the stool at the other and missed, now scuffed their feet on the floor, looking sheepish. He vaguely registered that the guy, Damon, who’s number he now had was sitting at the bar, served by one of the younger men that Alex only slightly recognised, looking amused at the scene.

The Dark Dragon was a generally male bar, the people serving were all definitely good-looking’ guys, and the guy who ran the place was even more so. The blood red wallpaper seemed darker than usual, the music was some old rock and roll song about sex, something that was utterly normal here, unfortunately.

Alex shoved the door open and slammed it behind him, glad to get out of the unusually quiet public bar, though he was sure it would pick up in about an hour or so. Alex didn't take notice of the details, such as faces, or numbers, or the volume of the music, knowing most of it by heart anyway. However, he was so focused on keeping himself calm that he walked straight into Ethan.

Ethan was a 6ft 10” guy, olive brown skin, sharpened facial features, black dreadlocks tied back, showing off the golden hoop he had in his left ear. Compared to Alex, standing at 5ft 11”, Ethan was nearly a foot taller than him, and Alex had smacked his face directly into the guy's chest. To stop him falling over, Ethan grabbed a hold on Alex’s shoulders and held him steady.

“You alright?” Ethan asked, his handsome deep tones resonating around the darkened corridor.

Alex nodded, “Is Dom in his office?” he asked, as Ethan let go of him, readjusting his shirt.

Ethan laughed, “Yeah, he was looking for you earlier actually, why are you so late?” he frowned, “You didn’t get into any trouble did you?”

“What? No, no, I didn’t, I promise.” Alex laughed, and Ethan relaxed, “Dom was looking for me?”

Ethan gestured at the end of the corridor, to the boss’s door, “Good, yeah, probably just wanting to talk to you about something. You’d better go see him though, he looked like he was getting restless.” He said as he started to walk past him to the bar door.

“Yeah I will, thanks.” Alex told him, patting Ethan’s shoulder as he walked past.

Alex walked to the door and knocked. “What?” Alex heard Dom shout from inside, his strong Russian accent mistaking the ‘w’ for a ‘v’ instead.

Alex pushed open the door and walked inside, “You were looking for me, boss? I’ve just got here, sorry I’m…”

Alex stopped as he noticed who was sitting in front of the large blonde at his desk. Harker Valley, the local Dragon pack alpha, a pretty handsome brunette, the one with the ocean colour eyes, and the hint of a Welsh accent.

And he looked pissed as hell.



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