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First chapters of a novel I plan to write, please leave feedback, and ideas for a title.

Alexander Hunter is the seventh son of Satan, a demon. He works in The Dark Dragon, a popular backdoor club run by Dominik Myszkowski, head of a vampire clan. Under Dominik's rule is Ethan Dancelli, a lovable 6ft 10" South African man working as a bodyguard, security and a bouncer, Kray Piran, a dickish 6ft 2" jerk also serving at the bar with Alex, and Will Clayborne, a quiet but calculating and sneaky bastard, who manages the club's finances.
There is always an introduction of a love interest, Damon, a Reaper, at the top of his class back in Hell.


4. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Dominik’s office was not a plain room, to say the least. The walls were the same dark red as the bar, but there were pictures, posters, paintings, and other bits and pieces of paper covering it. His desk was littered with papers and pictures, leaving only a writing space in the middle. The bookcase was messily filled, books shoved in between the slats of wood, Dominik had clearly been sifting through each book searching for something. The shelves and desks to the other side of the room had little trinkets strewn over the wooden slats, but there were smudges in the layers of dust, so they had been moved, or picked up recently.

Dominik was his usual shade of paleness, dressed in a dark suit, blood red shirt, and black tie. Harker was wearing a black faintly patterned zip-up hoodie, dark blue jeans, and light grey converses.

Harker turned to glare at him with disapproval as Alex flicked his gaze between him and Dominik, who also looked angry.

He took a step back, only to be shoved forwards onto the floor by two strong, ever so slightly scaled hands. Iris walked past his head, growling low and pointedly at him, tapping her foot against his shoulder. Harmony followed her, refusing to look down as she walked and stood to the side of the room with Iris, her sequin-covered skirt catching the light.

“Get up you brat.” Dominik muttered, head in hands as he sat down in his chair behind the desk.

Alex jumped up to his feet, swaying as he did so to regain his balance, mumbling in annoyance as he rubbed his knee where it hit the floor.

Harker got up out of his chair and gestured to it, “Sit.” he growled.

Alex crossed his arms and glared at him, “I think I’d rather stand.” He said in an exasperated voice.

Harker’s growl resonated around the room, and he stomped over to Alex, grabbed the scruff of his jacket, dragged and then practically threw him into the chair. Alex protested loudly, prompting Dominik to join Harker in the growling. Iris and Harmonia stood there looking unimpressed as the whole scene. Alex quietened down, re-adjusting his jacket, and scowling at the two leaders.

“What did you do with Kieran yesterday, demon?” Harker snarled out at him, Alex just looked at him blankly, “Kid with the black hair? American?”

Alex blinked slowly, frowning, “Oh..yeah him,” he swallowed deeply, “I uh..fucked him and left?”

Harker looked up with a start, “You..” he swallowed deeply, trying to maintain his composure, “You realise he’s 20 right?”

Alex looked blankly at him, folding his arms, “So what? Not exactly a kid right? Anyway, if you’re accusing me of rape, don’t bother. He asked me to fuck him.”

The dragon looked like he was going to snap any moment, Iris and Harmonia both looking disgusted at him. Dominik sighed roughly, “Alex, where is the dragonite now?”

Alex looked at him with disbelief, “You’re angry with me cause you can’t find him? Is that what this is about?” Alex’s expression turned sour, “He stayed over at my place, if you must know. He was still out cold when I got out of the shower.”

Harker scoffed, and bared his teeth at him, “Yeah sure, and pigs can fucking fly. You probably drained and ate him right? Like a vampiric little spider. That’s what you demonic things like you do, isn’t it?”

Dominik turned his fierce glare to Harker for a short period of time, “Mr Valley, I would appreciate it if you didn’t compare demons to vampires. It would upset a lot of my people.”

Harker turned to Dominik briefly, “My apologies.”

Alex glowered at Harker, and growled out, “And I don’t appreciate being reduced to some uncivilised creature, simply killing because that’s the only thing I know? Thank you very goddamn much.” he then muttered under his breath, “Fucking piece of shit.”

Harker rolled his eyes, “Of course you don’t. But your kind still kill many more than the rest of us.” he stated matter-of-factly, while absentmindedly looking at his fingernails.

“Actually I believe it was the lycans who achieved the highest kill rate last year, demons came second.” An arrogant voice called from the door, interrupting Alex’s indignant protest.

Aiden Doraan. Draggin his bitch, Kai behind him.

“Great. Two more assholes.” Alex exclaimed, leaning back in his chair, hands behind his head.



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