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First chapters of a novel I plan to write, please leave feedback, and ideas for a title.

Alexander Hunter is the seventh son of Satan, a demon. He works in The Dark Dragon, a popular backdoor club run by Dominik Myszkowski, head of a vampire clan. Under Dominik's rule is Ethan Dancelli, a lovable 6ft 10" South African man working as a bodyguard, security and a bouncer, Kray Piran, a dickish 6ft 2" jerk also serving at the bar with Alex, and Will Clayborne, a quiet but calculating and sneaky bastard, who manages the club's finances.
There is always an introduction of a love interest, Damon, a Reaper, at the top of his class back in Hell.


2. Chapter One

Chapter One

The night was cold. Even the bright blinking street lights gave the people who walked under them no warmth. Everyone had a coat or a jacket on, some people even had gloves on and a scarf wrapped haphazardly around their neck. There were still crowds of them though. Crowds of them, swarming the pavements, each one of them trying not to fall victim to the traffic crawling past. People pushed past people. Not a sparing glance was given to the odd tail or pointed ears, or coloured flame from the hand of someone trying to keep warm as they battled their way through to get that little bit closer to their destination. The weather had changed drastically during the past week or so, edging its way to Winter, a light snowy breeze ran through the air, people shivered as it pushed into the cracks of their clothing.


Shops were still open, different smells coming from the food ones, and bright colours coming from the others, a blinding contrast to the dullness of the black sky, few stars peeking out from behind the stormy clouds. No-one stopped to take a minute to absorb the beauty, even those travelling above the rooftops hurried on, desperate to get out of the emotionless bitter air. People walked in and out of the doors that lined the streets. Tall buildings framed them on either side. Apartment lights glared down from above the crowds, but were still too small and too dim to be noticed.


With his black leather jacket collar pulled up high, and his hands shoved deep into the softly lined pockets, Alex shrugged his way past. His tail was wrapped around his stomach, underneath his shirt to avoid being stepped on, but providing the slightest bit of extra insulation for his torso. His skin-tight jeans were molded enough that he could still scale the buildings if need be, and the black short sleeved shirt he wore underneath his jacket for work was still movable in, but gave his abdominal muscles some definition to the eye. Though he would prefer to wear sunglasses to hide his extraordinary eye colours from the people around him, they would attract more attention, so he kept his head slightly down, his hair providing a thin screen in front of them.


His shift started soon, as he was nearly at the bar, prepared to work through the night and then return to his comfy bed in the early hours of the morning. He was looking forward to a long sleep already. As he hurried the last 300 yards or so, he could briefly see a few of the large-winged figures flitting about above the city rooftops, before he was distracted by the person he had just walked into. He grunted as he fell roughly on top of the other person, who made a similar noise, but held onto Alex’s forearms.


People glared and made sounds of disapproval as they were made to walk around the couple on the floor. Alex pushed himself up with his hands, not noticing he was pushing up from the other’s chest, shook his head softly to clear the blurry fog that had gathered there and looked up at the face of the stranger he had collided with. A man who looked slightly older than himself was looking back, grinning at him.


“Hey, sorry about walking into you.” The smooth deep tones of his voice sent shivers up Alex’s spine, but he denied his rather sudden attraction and blamed the shivers and the probably obvious blush on the cold.


Alex scrambled to his feet, “Uh.. it’s fine.” He rubbed the back of his head, running his fingers through his hair and looking at the floor. He offered a hand to the guy on the floor, who took it and got up himself.


The guy standing in front of him was maybe 6 or 7 inches taller than him, soft brown hair framing his sharp handsome features. His shoulders were slightly broader than Alex’s, his long black coat emphasizing his build.


“That’s good, wouldn’t want to have hurt such a cute demon.” The guy grinned.


Alex realised he was staring open-mouthed up at his face, and looked back to the ground, “Cute?” he asked, not sure whether to feel insulted or flattered.


The guy moved in closer to Alex, grin unfading, “Oh absolutely.” he practically purred the answer.


“I.. uh…” Alex stuttered, face burning as he focused on the damp concrete.


The guy laughed, the sound making Alex shiver in excitement, and then in embarrassment, “My name is Damon by the way.” he added, smiling, showing off his pointed canines.


Alex flicked his gaze up, “I’m Alex.” he told him.


Damon tilted his head, still smiling, “Hey do you know where I can find the bar ‘The Dark Dragon’? I’ve been trying to find it for about half an hour now.”


Alex paused for a moment, “Well actually,” he contemplated having this guy follow him, deciding he could handle whatever the consequences were, “I’m heading to my shift there now, you can follow me if you want?”


The guy smiled at him, dark eyes seeming to study him, “That sounds perfect, I’ll follow you, sure.”


Alex blushed again, and tried to hide it by focusing back in on the floor, “O-okay then.” He readjusted his jacket collar and set off, Damon following closely behind.


After a minute or two, the crowds seemed to thicken significantly, and Damon moved closer to Alex as they walked so as not to lose him. Alex nearly jumped a metre when Damon slid his hand into his own, “So I don’t lose you.” he whispered into his ear as Alex blushed yet again, but continued their journey.


After what seemed like an eternity, Alex stopped at the corner or the street above a set of stairs leading down to 3 doors, one of which had a sign displayed over it with “The Dark Dragon” engraved in gold on top of the dark red background.


“Well that’ll explain why I couldn’t find it in the first place.” Damon said with a laugh, “Down the bottom of a bloody staircase!”


Damon made his way down, but didn’t make any attempt to let go of Alex’s hand, so he walked down besides him. Down at the bottom, music could already be heard blaring out from the crack under the door and through one of the cracked window panes. Damon stopped before the door and turned to Alex, handing him a scrap of paper with numbers scrawled onto it with a smirk.


“Call me.” he said, opened the door and walked into the bar.


Alex stood there with a look of shock on his face as the door swung shut again, paper scrunched up in his fist. He shoved it into his jacket, opened the door, and ducked just in time for a bar stool to go flying over his head.


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