Appears as love

Piper is a girl, she's 16 years.
She have a best friend called Howard he is 17 years old.

Piper randomly meet a guy in the park quiete after moving to her familys new house.

Possibly something with 5sos do to (:


2. Chapter *two*

" i haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways it won't work. "

- Thomas Edison

Pipers P.O.V

The world i passing though the window, the train drives faster than ever before or at least it feels like.

I am so exited to see Howard, I've really missed to have him by my side.

Cuddling with me and all our fun fights.

The feeling is burning in my breast. I really miss Howard, i don't believe that a better friend exist. He is just fun, sweet, kind, helpful in a way that makes him almost perfect, i believe in that nobody is perfect.

I would lie if i said he is not perfect, so i did lie and the things that if we other did would not be accepted, seems cool when he does it.

Honesty i don't want people to be perfect, i am just lucky that the only perfect human on earth is my best friend. I have never really fitted with the girls. 

I've from times to times i had some good one, but not like truly honest relationships. At all girls are bitches, and i am too. Only one girl, Sara, was an angel. 

She was my very best friend, you know me and Howard have always been best friends, and told each other everything.

But some things boys don't understand as well some boy stuff girls just don't get. And Sara was thin, and like surrounded by an light golden glow, it was how i saw it. She was just an angel, send to earth to make it a better place.

  We told each other everything, basically even the hard things and the private one. Even embarrassingly stuff. She died years ago, i still miss her as hell.

I still don't get how she could die so beautiful, without pain. she just flew away and nobody saw her again, only her body.

I decided to think about in that way, it is to hard to though of different endings for her, the only girl of her kind.

" Airport tack 1. " A voice similar to a robot said

i totally forgot the sadness, i can't wait to jump into Howard arms.

I kind of run though the airport and between all the people in here

i am kinda low so i got lost, "Sorry Sir? " I said 

A man about 30, working here nodded. 
"where is the place the passenger come out? "

He pointed in right direction like, i came over

there as fast as i could, i see Howard, he is definitely looking after me.

He walk though the room into the middle.

"Howard. " i shout. 

He turn around, then he see me, he smile and wink.

I run into his arms, he is hugging me and i just feel safe again, like nothing can hurt me again.

"I missed you so much, Pip. " He whispers in my ear.
"I'm glad your home, everything is just easier with you by my side. "

We walk out to the Taxa, randomly talking about everything. 



I a so glad i got my girl back. I've missed having her in my arms.

I remember once she told me something crazy, i will never forget it.

I think we were about 11 and still small kids playing around.


* Throwback *

We are in outer space, surrounded by aliens.

Piper laugh: They are kinda funny, they are like hundreds of ninja turtles.

I stare at her, and laugh so much i can not breathe.

She smile and take my hand.

and say: I know we are going to survive this, but if we didn't,

the world would lost what a beautiful soul like you, you are going to be something big a day


and you know

without you, i would definitely make suicide.

i didn't said anything, we just fight the aliens.


"Howard! " She laughs, "what are you thinking of? "

"Nothing at all. " i Reply

We kept talking about everything, she just seems so happy.

like she use to, but like she is in another way.

"You seems happy, did you got anything to tell me? " I ask

She blushes. 

"Come on Pip-pip. "

"you have never called me that before Howa-howa. "

"U haven't called me that either. " I laugh

"Okay, i was at the park after you texted me this morning. "

I wait 

"I basically think i fell physical and mentally for a boy. " 

"Oh my goodness. " I smile to her

I hug her, hold her tight. 

"That is completely amazing. "

"I can't wait to meet him. "

"Calm down Howard, we just met. "

I just smile and enjoy having her in my arms.


Pipers P.O.V


The clock is only 6 pm. but Howard have already texted goodnight, he was too tired to talk tonight.

There is some hour difference so he is tired. He better sleep long, i don't wanna be waked 6 am or something similar. 

i sit on my bed trying to concentrate about this sort of text, or whatever it is.

( P = Piper Cuter = Cute boy)

Cuter: Hey, i did not got your name earlier, it is me fro the park.

P: I'm Piper

Cuter: What a beautiful and cute name. 

P: thanks, yours?

Cuter: I am Ashton

P: What a kinda unique and cute name 

Cuter: Wanna meet tomorrow, same place as yesterday, 2 pm. 

P: Of course

Cuter: See you then <3


I go down watching television with my family.


- Hey Friends, thanks for reading

hope you like the chapter, i would be really happy if you liked, and fav if you wanna read more :3

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