Appears as love

Piper is a girl, she's 16 years.
She have a best friend called Howard he is 17 years old.

Piper randomly meet a guy in the park quiete after moving to her familys new house.

Possibly something with 5sos do to (:


3. Chapter *three*

""All that stuff about what doesn't kill youmakes you stronger is not true. " - Lana Del Rey


Pipers P.O.V


My phone keep making a lot of strange noises of animals. I look on the clock holy 7 am, Howard may be completely insane. My phone are spammed with everything, i don't wanna read it all, it is just totally stupid and none of it makes sense, so i just write: I'll make pancakes. 

I go downstairs i believe that everybody else in this crazy house is asleep. So i just begin making the pancake dough. I know that pink pancakes annoy Howard as hell. So i find some fruit color and make them pink. The door bell ring, i run to the door just for seeing Howard open the door by himself', typical. "Of course you should ring the door bell. " i groan at him, he just laugh and go to the kitchen. He probably want a pancake or five. 

"Piper. " He shout as loud, i think none is sleeping anymore. He only say my real name when something serious i going on. 

I slowly walk into the kitchen laughing the hell out of my butt. He shouts at me and tell me how much he hates me just for giving up and eat the tasty pancakes. 

Sometimes he act like a old grand dad when everything not fit in to his picture of how the god damn world is. 

To be honest i don't think i can survive without Howard. It would be so much pain, i would literally do suicide.

"Piper! " he says with his mouth filled up with pancake. " You think way too much. " 

He is so good spotting stuff like that, he would be a great dad. 
"Yeah. " i agree, he quiet laugh and i awake from my thoughts.

"So he begun. " Already done with his third pancake. "When are u gonna the meet the about talked boy. "

I laugh, "did you just say about talked? " My face is filled up with a big grin. 

He quickly throw a pillow from chair after me. As the girl version of superman i am, i grab it before it can touch my head and throw it right in his head. "You know pig heart. " I laugh "I am girly superman. " 

It seems like he takes deep breathe before answering. "Sweetie, some times it's too smart words coming from your mouth, and i think we both know who strongest. "

i shrugs and jump down beside him. "He was so cute. " 

Howard nod but he had no idea.

"He got brownish hair, first i though of a cookie, but somehow it in a way reflect brighter hair too. "

Howard begin laughing. " So the boy you are in love with first made you though of a cookie. "

Just to though of him make my chest and stomach fill like tons of butterflies is trapped in there.

"Well we shall meet in the park 2 pm. "

"Um Pip, it in 10 minutes. " 

I look on the digital clock, 3.50 pm

"Oh no, i need to get ready, but how isn't my parents awake yet? "

"Sweetheart, they left 1 hour ago, they should shop at the mall. " He says automatically, like he got something on his mind. 

"I am going to get ready, luckily for me the park is pretty near. " 

"Yeah, bae i need to go. " He say, before i can answer he's out of the door, with only half of his jacket on. 


.  Pipers P.O.V


The Clock is 2 minutes past 2 pm. I look around i can't see Ashton anywhere. As i get eye contact with a boy in a big black hoodie on a bench my phone beeps. 

Ashton: Sit down on the brown bench in front of the tree. 

I walk over and sit down. 

"Hey. " Someone whisper, i look in the direction of the voice. 

"It's me Ash - " He stop someone just walked near. 

"Ashton? " I ask? Maybe he though i talked loud, but it was just normal. 

"shh. " He says, a few seconds after he see my face. I may look confused.

Now he literally look even more confused.

"You don't know why i'm hiding in this big hoodie? "

"No at all? " I quietly laugh.

Ashton begin laughing so loud everybody look in our direction. Which he soon regret.

He take my hand and begin half running to the exit of the park.

"What are we actually doing? " I ask confused. 



// An

So hi, i know this chapter is a bit short, but i wanted to save the rest of this "date" for next chapter.

5 likes/favs and i update again.
I want to be sure someone read it
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