Appears as love

Piper is a girl, she's 16 years.
She have a best friend called Howard he is 17 years old.

Piper randomly meet a guy in the park quiete after moving to her familys new house.

Possibly something with 5sos do to (:


1. Chapter *one*

"You can close your eyes to things you do not wanna see,

but you cannot close your eyes to things you do not wanna feel. " -Johnny Depp

Pipers P.O.V

 Behind my bed and all the useless stuff i found the book i once wanted to make my dairy, but as time have been

running, i found i cannot write about my life when everything is okay. I take the book from my bag, there is written:


Hey future Piper, when you read it i guess your older than you were on the moment, i think it could be fun to read a bit about my life when i am older, too feel the same as i do on the moment, so Howard, our best friend (hopefully when you read this again too) is on vacation at his grand mom, who have cancer, she is really close to die what made me though of what would happen when she isn't here anymore. and what would happen to Howard, she have raised her as her own since his mom and dad died in a car accident when he was 8. Yesterday, Howard and i was on the most dangerous trip we have ever been we was against the evil captain of the ship from outer space, but we worked together and defeated him, we even got his ship, which of course can fly so when he come home we would visit Saturn, Howard have always wished to be there, while i instead prefer Pluto, but it is a hard time for Howard and i wanna be a good friend. We have a made a list over what we want to do on Saturn:


- Play in the rings


- Race around in the rings without being touched by the stone
(that of course can really hit us, we are superheroes)


- Run on Saturn without shoes


I laugh a bit, how silly was i everybody know you can't run on Saturn, more like swim. I was silly when i was 13.


- Dig into the middle of Saturn


Oh older Piper i need to go, mom have made her famous meatballs


i hope you are doing well, love from 13 years old Piper 


It is the only thing younger me have written in the so-called diary. Suddenly i really want moms meatballs,

"Mom can you make "Famous" meatballs. " I Playfully ask. " Of course Pip. " she laughingly answer.

Dad turn on the radio, it is moms and dads favorite song Aladdin sane from 1973 by David Bowie,

who died just a few days ago, surprisingly mom cried, he were their hero, maybe dad felled a tear too.

But know they both loudly sing with the radio.

Finally my big brother appear from the bathroom, and that begin to drive.

To our new house, i don't know what i shall think about it,

honestly the only reason is that it is cheaper, and smaller, but only a few streets away from current house.

"Stump. " My Brother says, i nod, he leans over to me and whisper in my. " Help me sneak out tonight, Gab and i are going out for a party. " 

I'm facing my eyes. Again i form with my mound with out a sound, he takes it as a yes and turn around looking for our new house.

"I see it." Dad scream, mom laugh they are like teens they still act like they just felt in love even after so many years.

We step up in front of our house. It is perfect white with windows that make it light inside, two floors and a little garden.

Daddy lift up mom and run into the house with her as on wedding holiday or whatever.

they run around turning on the light.

They have been here before and on my door they've already wrote

"Pip <3" 

I smile and place my bag, the room is empty except for the bed. 


After hours with moving in and eating moms meatballs i lay in my bed.

Missed Skype call from Howard, he is at his uncle for visit, he have been gone for nearly two months but finally coming home next week. 

(P = Piper H=Howard)


-P- "Hey Howard, we just moved into our new house, i like it, i don't think ghost have space to hunt me here, and captain from when we was 13 is long gone :') "   


- H- " i remember is as a difficult fight, it surprise me you remember our friend. "

-P- "don't worry i got the best memory ever! "


-H- " your sure? when have i birthday. "


-P- " DON'T PLAY WITH ME, i know it! "


-H- " No you don't my dear Pip, your so cute when you think your right. "


-P- " But you don't even remember mine! "


-H- " 28/07/1999. "
-P- "You probably wrote it on your hand. "


-H- "Goodnight Honey. "
-P- "night night Idiot <3 "


I wake up by the annoying sounds of being spammed.

The screen light up. they are all from Howard i don't even read them i just write why so many messengers.

He answer; you didn't read any of them did you? I ignore it while knowing he will call me in a moment.

He ring up and i take it, 

"Hey Babe. "


"Why so annoyed. "

"You did just wake me up in the middle of the morning jerk! "

"I love you too. "

I just groan at him

"My uncle said he is busy so i can take later today, around 5 pm. "

"Wonderful, can you make me some breakfast? " 

"Oh Pip, your such a lovely lady in the morning. "

" See you at the airport. "
" See ya. " 

I draw down my top and look if i got anything from my brother, Yeah there is one from Luke, "Hey Sis, if mom ask i am buying milk, home in 10  min. "

Funny enough mom calls on Luke, i walk down the stairs as zombie, "He is buying milk. " i groan i am not a morning human, "Perfect. " she smirk ironic she hate when he leaves without telling. 

I go hunting for oatmeal in the drawers when i realize the smell of new baked something. Mh mom laugh and give me a warm muffin, i smile and nip to it. i don't really feel hungry in the morning but your never really not hungry with a muffin. 

My Brother is home, Hey he shouts from the hallway. Mom go out and check if he got milk for her coffee. He probably wave with it and they play game of tag with the milk, my family is just silly and i love them for it. 

I feel really dizzy, like morning dizzy so i decide to go out for some fresh air, "mom where is my pants? " i ask confused, "down stairs. " she laugh and begin running after Luke again. I take on the pants and a short top. 

Its is not cold outside more like neutral but sometimes the wind is blowing and leave some cold tracks sort of. 
Here is very quiet, probably because it is only 7 am in the morning and normal people are still asleep but i got a best friend that don't care about if he wake me early.

i am unfocused and hit my feet on a big stone or something. "Oh no." i shout.

Just before i'll hit the ground, someone grabs me. 

"Your clumsy little tho'. " A Cute boy from 1-10 clearly 10 casually laugh at me. 
It shows out that the thing i though was a stone is only a crack in the tile.

how embarrassing, i blushes, i try answer but i can't, i'm like frozen. He just laugh even more and that makes my cheeks even more red, i feel i'm like a tomato or something.

"Do you wanna go for the park tomorrow? after school. " he asks

I nod, not able to to speak. 

"Can i have your number then? "

"Yeah. " glad i could speak, " i can't remember it. " i said 

I found my phone and told him my number. 

See you then he says waving. 



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