Take A Stand

My name is Hope Garcia and i'm 10 years old. I was disabled a year ago in an accident that drove me over a bridge. My Father didn't make it and my Mother only had a few scratches. Me , I became paralyzed.


1. Prologue

                    December 18th , 2004 , life became unbearable , things became a blur. It was stormy , the clouds didn't let one part of light shine through. I was asleep in the car , the drive was tranquil and I couldn't fight the urge to stay awake. Sleepiness swallowed me whole. Last thing I remember was Daddy drinking a large bottle of Stella Rosa , hard times getting the best of him. My Mom was in tears , pleading him to keep his eyes on the road or let her drive. Daddy's temper got out of control. He drank the last of the intoxicated beverage with no hesitations. Soon , the aroma filled the small space in the car. The clouds became furious , and it started to storm. Rain hit the cement harder than normal. Mom's eyes were puffy and red. She kept crying , her hands covering her face. Somehow , I fell asleep with all the ruckus. We were driving on a bridge , high above a river. Our tires screeched as they struggled to gain control of the vehicle. The car swerved and went into the wrong lane. An oncoming warehouse truck was speeding our way. He didn't hit the brakes fast enough. Falling asleep was my biggest mistake. The truck slammed into us , knocking my family and I over the bridge. The driver and his truck however , was hanging on to a big chunk of broken cement. My Mom screamed in agony as our car plunged into the cold river. For me , lights out.

      I was unconscious for a week the nurse told me. Then , the bad news came to me , my Daddy is deceased . Wait there's more , I was paralyzed. The impact damaged something in my neck and I will be paralyzed for the rest of my life. Tears flooded my eyes worse than the storm that day. I was only 9 and my life was taken from me. My name is Hope Garcia , and it's time to take a stand.

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