So I'm turning 15 and I can kill a dragon and put a spell on a princess. I'm not the happiest person on earth. My stupid parents decided where moving. We're moving away from home, school, my freinds, my boyfriend an I'm should act that I like it!
Now what should I do?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Have you heard about someone how has everyting in the world, but is unhappy? Wel thats me Luna the dark moon wich.


I've gt everything that you could think of. I can kill a dragon, put a spell on a princess, I'm a moon wich (a moon wich only comes around once every thousend years she is supposed to be the most powerfull wich on earth and on her 15th birthday a black moon will rise and she will give every wich that has lost their power their power back and find a way to win Man once and forall.)


I have an amazing boyfreind and amazing freinds. I have it all. No, no I don't have it all my stupid parents are movuing me all the way to Paris, France. I'm very happy in Transelvania, Thank you very much. It's Paris!


God in the middel of the French revolucion where their killing every wich their is! I'm immortal I can't die, but I'm still scawerd it's not surtan that I can't die with the last dark moon wich she never got to her 15th birthday becuase she got hung the day before her 15th birthday.


What if I drown or get shot or die or.... I don't know. The point is I'm happy right here. Why in the name of wichcraft is making them move me to Paris.


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