Fiftey Shades Of Styles

This is an out come of watching fifty shades of grey. Harry styles fanfiction I hope you love it a lot!


2. Chapter 2

"What turns you on?" He says as I cross my legs.

His attention goes straight to my legs.

"Um I don't have any" I start getting nervous.

"Mr. Styles your meeting is waiting on you" the lady from the front desk says.

"Well cancel" he says getting up and closing the door shut.

" I should really be leaving your busy" I say gathering my stuff and standing up.

" if that's what you want, give me your number so we can finish your interview over the phone" he says handing me his phone.

I type in my number and leave.

"Violet! Your amazing thank you so much!" My boss says as I walk into the office.

"What?" I say confused.

" Getting Mr. Styles to answer the questions, he just emailed them to me" she says as I look over her shoulder to see the email with every question answered.

" your welcome" I say with a smile.

"You can go home now thanks again violet!" She says as I head out to my car.

I drive home. Once I get home my phone beeps, I look to see who texted me. New number?

I open the text.

Hey Violet, it's Mr. Styles


Hey Mr. Styles, thank you so much for answering the questions:)


Your welcome. I have some issues I would like to discuss with you though. Shall I arrange a driver to come pick you up and meet me at coffee bar?


Oh well that sounds very nice of you Mr. Styles but why don't you just call me and we can discuss what ever issue you have.


No. A car will arrive at your apartment in 10 so please dress nicely and not so causal.


Okay? How do you know where I live?!?


That shouldn't concern you. Get ready.

_______//end of text\\_________

As weirded out as I am I get ready. I put a nice summer dress on with pumps and put a flower in my hair.

Once I grab my purse I hear a honk outside. As I walk out side a BMW is waiting for me. I hop in and the man says "I will be taking you to Mr. Styles destination now"

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