Fiftey Shades Of Styles

This is an out come of watching fifty shades of grey. Harry styles fanfiction I hope you love it a lot!


1. Chapter 1

What am I doing?

What if he is too busy?

What if he doesn't want to do the interview?

He is in a boy band, an extremely famous one.

As I go up the elevator

To his studio. I look at my reflection in the elevator doors. God I look like a school girl.

The elevator doors open. It looks like a five star hotel. I walk towards the front desk.

"Hello I'm here for the Harry styles interview" I say as she types into her desktop.

"Ah Mr. Styles" she stands up and leads

The way to his studio.

I walk into him strumming a guitar.


He says without losing concentration on the strings.

I sit across from him. I organize my papers in my lap and I begin to feel his stare burn into my skin and start to feel very uncomfortable.

I start to observe him. His strong but defined jawline is complimented with his deep green eyes. My observation is interrupted.

"Eh um" he coughs. My face is flushed red.

"Sorry I was just-"

"Just what?"

I stop.

"Shall we start with the interview?"

"That's why you are here aren't you?"

I turn my recorder on.

" So Mr. Styles what is a perfect day to you?"

I feel my chest start to tighten.

"Excuse me" he says baffled at the question.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience Mr. Styles my boss wrote these questions and I really need them answered or I will be fired. "

He sits straight in his chair.

"That sounds like a personal problem" he says standing up and walking towards me. Grabs my papers from my lap and sets them on his desk.

"Turn the recorder off" he says firmly as I obey his order.

"What's your name darling?" He says sitting next to me.

"Oh sorry I'm Violet"

"Well violet this is my interview now okay?" He says putting his hand on my cheek.

"Okay" I say turning my face away from his hand.

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