How i fucked up again.


2. the ugly trials

After about a week of not talking I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. Because I had kept this from my parents and the bruises had faded I asked to be excused from dinner. As I walked out of the restaurant I answered. So my surprise it was one of the guys the one I wasn't upset with. He told me that he knew what happened except that he didn't think it was true. When I told him what actually happened he was furious. Telling me that I needed to stay away from him.

After a long conversation he ended up telling me that I should give him a chance. That maybe he'll change. So when I got a call from him I was very short. And he knew that I was being short. We first agreed that we probably would never see each other again. But just as we agreed we both ended up hanging out but always with other people.

Of course I shouldn't have even given him this chance but I was seventeen and I thought me could have loved me. Over the course of two weeks we would hangout almost everyday. But when we would hangout he would always pull me away from the group to "fill his need" I always told him no but he would pull me away. I'd even tell everyone else I didn't want to. But he always made me. This is the point where your probably like your stupid. Not only had he done this but my best friend along with others were always getting inbetween us because he hit me punched me threw me on the ground the wall or even the sofa.

After putting up with the arguments the drama the abuse which I always said he played too much and that he didn't understand the words no and stop.... I finally had my last straw but not until I probably should have gone to the hospital.

It was the last day we went to the river. Us girls met up with the guys and some others that planned to go. One fact that always happened when we would hangout he would always ignore me at first. Flirt with other girls in front of me or just talk to everyone but me. Well I just kept with friends until we got called over by some guys and I found him all over me. He spelled of liquor and was even more abusive than normal. After hanging out we all found ourselves sitting listening to music in a group. He was laying with his arms over his face.

Because I knew his anger I pretty much stayed away from him for the most part. But when someone got the smart idea to punch him in his nuts I refused. My best friend took a good swing and he wallowed in pain. In seconds he was on his feet with anger and range in his eyes. But he was coming towards me.... He grabbed me by both sides of my head picked me up and slammed my head against the Rock and then continued to sit on my head. I could see black and white dots and I was in so much pain.

I screamed and cried and begged him to get off but he wouldn't. Until he felt like it. Then went and sat down like nothing had happened. I layed on the rock crying confused regretting this. When I finally got to the entrance of the stair case I found out that two random guys beat him up for hurting me.

When I got home I told my parents I had slipped...

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