Kissed By The Baddest Bidder

"2 million!"
The next item up for bid is... ME!?
"I bought you."
The worst first impression. EVER.
"You belong to me."
"I don't want to worry about you."
"I want to know the real you."


1. Masks

             I walk in through the gold metallic doors to the hotel. I lurk around the quiet hallways down to the locker room. I run into my friend, Jasmine. We started work here around the same time, it's actually how we met. We're service maids for an international industry of hotels, Legend Industries. "Good morning Jasmine. Ready to start another day stocked full of imbeciles and pushovers?" She giggled in response, "Aren't I always? I mean, especially after my first day of work." It's always been an inside joke between us, on her first day of work she had to take care of several of our most inconsiderable guests, failing explicitly at it. Jasmine now works for a higher range of people, V.I.P's. Isn't she the lucky one? And conveniently there happens to be a country wide convention being held here. Famous people from all over will gather here for an excuse just to throw a party. I only wish I could work a party, let alone be an actual guest. Just as I'm finishing up in the locker room The most important guest shows up, Colton Red. They call him The King. Just as a swarm of reporters and girls pass by I begin to walk behind them. Just as I thought everyone was clear, I trip over someone's foot, whom ever it was aimlessly catches me. When I look up it just happens to be The King himself. "Can I help you?" He states as he puts me back on my feet. "N-no I-I'm sorry. I thought that everyone had gotten out of the way so I could get back to work. I didn't mean any h-harm..." He looked me up and down, before he stated, "Next time watch where you're going." A couple girls standing around him were giving me dirty looks, I noticed an awkward amour of warmth on my left hip. His right hand was slightly gripping the side of me. One of the other girls began to speak, "Red? Shouldn't we be going? We wouldn't wanna be around a mongrel like this much longer. It could have a disease." I opened my mouth to say something but he shushed me, "What is your name?" I was shocked, he never asked anyone what their name was, "Ma'am?" "Oh.. Uhh, yeah sorry. It's uh, It's Dawn Evening." "Are you sure about that? Sounds like you're just trying to impress me." I unintentionally scoffed, "Well, I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong. And we wouldn't want that. Now would we?" The girls surrounding him looked completely astounded at the fact that I just said something witty to the man they found completely perfect and unflawed. The grip on my hip tightened and the look on his face went from pleased with himself, to unprepared in about fifteen words. He tugged me a bit closer and whispered in my ear, "Careful dear. You wouldn't wanna end up in a human sized bird cage." He pulled away from me, letting go of my hip and winked before walking away. The other girls tried to comfort him, but when they dared touch him he shoved them off. I shrugged it off and continued on with my work.

             I had been a good twenty minutes into my work when I ran into three girls who worked above me, Monique, the head maid overall other maids and then the two stations below her, the twins Valentina and Valeria. They all had a cocky way of exploiting me. Always finding a way to get me into trouble. I couldn't quite tell why they didn't like me, it was probably an insecurity feeling that they got. I was scolded for approximately eight minutes for having not only run into Colton Red, but also for my snarky comment towards him and my inappropriateness. And for ruining his day. The girls laughed in my face, then walked off. I continued with my chores. Walking down the hallway when I saw a door wide open. It was a storage room so none of the guests should have been in there. I reluctantly walked over to the door, peering inside. Only to find three men standing around a wooden crate. "What are you doing in here? This room is for staff only." I said, although I must have startled the men. They dropped the statue they were holding and it shattered. "Look what you've done lady! Do you know how much that thing costs?" He grunted in submission. One of the others began solemnly swearing and another started inching closer towards me. I suddenly realized my mistake when I noticed a white cloth in his left hand. I turned around, heading towards the elevator to escape. But with my luck I ran into another man, "Going somewhere?" He had a snarl on his face. I punched him as hard as I could, attempting to flee. The man with the cloth ran after me, reaching me just before I got to the elevator doors. everything went black.

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