One Year After

After Zayn leaves One direction him and Perry fall apart as well. However, after a year Zayn meets a girl that blows his mind away and tries to make him a better man. Through the process they have to deal with the rumors, old exs, and the fandom. Throughout the relationship they begin to wonder if it's worth it.


7. Stay I need You

Zayn Pop

     A month has passed since Alice and I have had our first date. We've had five other dates that went just as well and I actually make it a habit to kiss her all the time. She brought happiness to my life, but my guard is still up around her I can feel it. Today I was in the studio with recording when I saw Alice walk in with two coffees in her hand and that charming smile she has. I finished and walked out to greet her. I kissed her cheek and took a cup of coffee from her hand and thanked her. 

"So how's the recording going in there? I still feel dumb that I didn't recognize you,  but it's just I don't really listen to that kind of music sorry"

"It's okay I'm glad you didn't notice me at first it makes it easier on me, and it went well I think wanna hear?"


"Wow that really hit the heart..that was about Perrie huh?"

"Uh yeah I made a lot of songs when I was dealing with the breakup if I was sober and not drunk.Does it bother you?"

"No of course not it's your music! I mean I kinda am scared she might come back and take you away from me because you guys have history and well I'm the new girl that's all"

"No, Alice there's nothing between us. I promise you. Come on let's get out of here."

     We walked around a park a few girls noticed me and I took picture and called a cab right after. I figured they'd say where we were, and by the time the cab came a bunch of girls were showing up. I apologized to Alice but she was understanding like always and I loved that about her. I never had to explain myself too much it was as if she already knew what I meant. She knew me so well already after spending a month with me and that was amazing. We went to my house and from their she went home, and I went to write more songs. 

     About five long hours of trying to write a song I heard the door bell ring and I ran to the door thinking it was Alice and I opened to see Perrie. I was shocked and she kinda pushed her way passed me in a rushing way, and threw off her scarf and coat.

"I don't remember me saying you can come to my house any time soon Perrie."

"Look the paparazzi's were on my ass so bear with me and I knew you were in the neighborhood."

"First off why should I feel pity on your bitter self and Second I don't nee the Paparazzi's seeing you come into my house okay, so please leave."

"Oh is it because of that mystery girl Zayn is she my replacement. She's young and very beautiful, but is she the jealous type is that why you're getting nervous?"

"No, she's not just scared that you'll take me away but I assured her I didn't want you back in my life so leave Perrie."

"Fine by now they should be gone anyway, well at least walk me to the door."

      I walked her out the door and shut the door shut and realized she left her jacket and scarf  , so I ran out to give them back.

"Perry wait here's your stuff."

"Oh thanks uh Zayn I'll see you around."

     She left finally and I walked in the kitchen to grab a beer. I walked upstairs into Perrie's old bedroom. I mean her coming back and leaving does make me kinda miss her but then that day just her cheating replays in my head and this bitterness comes over me. I walked back down to grab a bottle of liquor and a glass. I headed upstairs back into the bedroom and opened the bottle pouring me a glass. I looked around and in the closet I saw a box. I never really looked in her after she left and I guess I didn't see it. I went to the bed and opened it and realized it was everything of her and me. I downed another glass trying to get the pain to go away. I think the pictures were every where and I was on my 6th glass when I heard loud knocking. I moaned thinking it was Perrie and stumbled downstairs.

     I opened the door to see Alice. I smiled at her and realized this was a very angry Alice. She looked so angry I've never seen this before. She walked in and went directly up the stairs and into Perrie's old room, and I followed as fast as I could.

"You told me you guys were nothing Zayn nothing at all." I was so confused 

"Oh those I just found the box and was looking through it and well I needed  drink to help deal with it, but you said you didn't mind if I drink so what's the problem Alice baby?"

"Why the fuck was she here earlier and you had to give her a jacket and scarf and her hair was so wild?Did you fuck her Zayn? Am I just a rebound girl to you?"

"Ah social media you got to love it dear, but no I didn't 'fuck her'. She came because I honestly don't know why, but I told her to leave and she didn't. When she walked in she took her coat and jacket off. So chill and trust me I promised you didn't I?"

"That's bullshit and you know it. I should have listened to everyone when they told me you just wanted me as a rebound girl."

     I was angry. I felt so insulted by this girl who thinks she knows me because of my past. I looked at her and I could stop my self but to scream and her.

"You know what Alice I actually took the time to get to know your ass, and I actually put effort in you. I actually cared about your feelings and paid attention to what you liked and didn't. I actually admire you when you aren't paying attention and I can tell you how you act when you're happy, sad, or mad because I take time to figure you out. Why, because I actually want something with you, or well I did want something. Your like the rest of the world judging the scene before finding out what is really happened. You're not different at all, and I was actually starting to open up, not all the way but sorta, so fucking excuse me for being nice and letting her escape the paparazzi's, but maybe I felt bad for her, but kill me if that's so wrong of me."

     By the time I finished I could see the regret spilling out. Her eyes looked sad and she calmed down a lot. She was speechless, and I was out of breath. I looked at her, and shook my head. I grabbed the bottle walking down stair to go get another one. She followed slow scared probably of a drunk, hurt, and angry man. I wouldn't blame her she pissed me off to the point where I wanted to punch a wall.

     I walked into the kitchen and poured myself another glass of liquor, but she grabbed my hand from pulling the gas up.

"Look I didn't know I'm sorry I should have asked you about it in a more civil way, and I didn't know you were even thinking about me the way you described. I always had a feeling I was a rebound girl I guess this set me off. You can be mad at me and never talk to me again Zayn, but please don't drink another glass or bottle, you'll get worse and I don't want that."

     Her eyes were full of pity and I let go of the glass and pulled her forehead to kiss her, yes she flinched a little, but when she knew what I was gonna do she relaxed. I kissed her cheek softly and then her lips and smiled. She helped me up stair into my bed and I realized it was one in the morning. As she was about to leave I grabbed her hand.

"I've never said this so please don't make me regret it but please stay with me tonight, I need you to help me get through it without doing something I regret. I need you stay."

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