One Year After

After Zayn leaves One direction him and Perry fall apart as well. However, after a year Zayn meets a girl that blows his mind away and tries to make him a better man. Through the process they have to deal with the rumors, old exs, and the fandom. Throughout the relationship they begin to wonder if it's worth it.


6. Spilled Coffee

Zayn Pov:

     After being home locked inside my our for a week straight after the bathroom incident. I got out of bed and showed and got dressed to get myself food from the market,  but i decided today I should go for a walk I needed it, the fresh air and well a little excise. I was walking and turned a corner when I run into some one and i started to feel my cheating burning. 

"Oh my god I am so sorry dude I just wasn't paying attention and I'm so sorry"

     I was about to yell and cuss, but her looks caught my attention real quick. Her hair was a light purple which caught me off guar dad it was so long. She was about 5'3 at the most. When she looked up her eyes wow the were green and I mean dark green they were beautiful. I couldn't help but laugh and smile at her freaking out about coffee.

"It's fine I swear I wasn't really paying attention either don't worry about the shirt I have a lot more back at home."

"Hi I'm Alice by the way but you can call me Ace if you ever see me again"

"Well where are you headed? Maybe we can walk together and talk. I haven't really spoke to anyone for a week. I'm kinda lonely."

"Oh! Well I need more coffee so let's head back to the coffee shop"

     We walked about a mile but it seemed so short she kept the conversation rolling about everything you could think of, from childhood dreams to favorite books or favorite things to do on holidays. She was so fascinating, and smart. We stayed at the coffee shop for at least another three more hours just talking and laughing, and her laugh was so cute. She was cute. We traded number and had a date planned for tomorrow around 7 at my place. I walked the market to get food for me and her tomorrow. 

     After what seemed like an forever it was finally 6:35pm and she'd be her soon. I double checked to make sure the food was good and the apartment smelled good. I even relit candled just to make sure. I even rearranged my furniture to try and impress her. Then out of nowhere it dawned upon me. She didn't react who I was. She wasn't a fan of One Direction and didn't notice me. I smiled even bigger. I wouldn't mind if she was I love my fans to death but it's just easier because they don't see me as a perfect guy. They treat me how they would treat a normal person, and I love that so much. The door bell rang and I froze. I slowly walked to the door nervous for what she might think of me

     I opened the door to Alice dressed in a black loose dress that looked amazing on her and she wore heels so I didn't have to really look down at her as much. I smiled and showed her to the kitchen waiting for a reaction. 

"Wow Zayn you really put in an effort in this date didn't you"

"Well if it's too much we can just got out I mean -"

"No I love it no ones really put effort in me honestly.'

     I looked at her shocked. How would no one want to put effort in her. She's so perfect and lovely, and everything is so great about her. 

     After dinner I brought out champaign for us. She smiled and we drank about five glasses and she started to get tipsy and I laughed because of how lightweight she was compared to me, but it was cute. I showed her to the living room and we watched a movie until we both fell asleep. I woke up about 1:30am and noticed she was still here. I tapped her gently waking  her up.

"Hey Alice it's 1:30am you could stay her if you'd like?"

"Shit I can't I'm sorry I have work tomorrow thank you for waking me up. I'll call you at my break tomorrow I promise you. Thank you Zayn for tonight it was lovely probably the best date I ever." 

     She ran out with a heel in on hand and the other on her foot making her run funny, but she stopped took it off and came running back to me. She kissed my cheek lightly, smiled, and took off to her car and left. I was probably standing her for about ten minutes taking in what she did. She surprised me in the best way possible she made the first move. She was different and that's what I need is change and I hope she brings me the right kind of change.

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