One Year After

After Zayn leaves One direction him and Perry fall apart as well. However, after a year Zayn meets a girl that blows his mind away and tries to make him a better man. Through the process they have to deal with the rumors, old exs, and the fandom. Throughout the relationship they begin to wonder if it's worth it.


5. One Year Later

Zayn Pov:

   "I know what's in the past but how are you dealing the break up it's been an official year"

     I get that we were this big power couple, but it seems like they're all about Perrie. You were think they'd be interested in my music, but no. Why? Because they only want the gossip the things that makes me look bad, they play nice but aren't nice. I looked at him and smiled. A slowly opened my mouth wondering what to say.

"I think I'm dealing with the break up great. Don't even think twice about her"

"Well we would think after you put Perrie on blast over Twitter last year. It ruined her public image but it seems like you couldn't care less."

"I can't care less to her, she cheated, lied, and well she's just annoying. I could care less about the girls image." 

     I smiled shook his hand and walk to the backstage to leave. I got my coat, phone, and keys and walked out to my car. Was that really harsh of me to ruin her image, but she hurt me, so I had to hurt her. I do tend to think of her once and a while, and I do miss her sometimes. But than I remember everything and this anger and hate come to her name. I can't even saying it without sounding angry or upset. I shook the thoughts and go into the car going to my house. I pulled in seeing two car already in my drive way. Strange. I parked and slowly closed the car door and approached my own house with such caution. I opened the door and heard people talking very stern, but I knew who was here.

     I looked at all of them. Never did I think I'd see all of us in the same room at the same time without some shit going down. I walked to the cabinet and got the liquor and wine. I poured enough for me and put it up for a toast and washed it down burning my throat.

"Now look at One direction coming over with the famous Perrie all at once!"

"Zayn you've been distant for the whole year. It got to the point where we forgot what your voice sounded like. You didn't even call to congratulate us on any awards nothing, not even holidays or birthdays of us."

"Liam chill I've been trying to keep a positive mind which meant me being alone for awhile. But you why the fuck have you stepped one single inch on my property? Aren't you busy being a who-"

"Zayn, let it go. That was in the past. I came here to ask you to forgive me, not for us to get back together I know I messed up too bad. I miss you Zayn. Please."

     I looked at her and at my friends and looked in to her desperate eyes. The look was of sadness and regret. The sad part is I don't feel a bit sorry for her at all. She did this on her own, she could've had it all but she gave it all up for John. I laughed at her silly pity beg to have me even a little bit in her life.

"Get off before I call the police please and thank you" I smile and took my phone out

"Really? Are you that childish-"

     I started to dial the number when she huffed and left my house. I smiled in happiness that she knows she fucked up with me. I turned to the boys and motioned them to head to the pool area for us to talk. While they got up Zayn started to bring the beer.

"Hey no drinks I need you sober please"

"Fine N only cause your pretty blue eyes made me blush" 

     We all laughed and I missed this. Laughing hanging with the boys being dumb. I grabbed a seat next to Harry and Lou. We all just caught us that night sitting around the pool talking about girlfriends, to family, and to awards they won. We talked about me releasing an album next year and how pumped I was. It was a great night with the boys. They we're a big part of my life and it sucks how little time we get to spend with each other. They did try to convince me to join backing, but I told them I wanted to try and go solo.

"Zayn have you thought about maybe it's time to start looking for a girl" Lou nudged winking

"Uh I don't know I'm busy with the whole music thing and with Perr-"

"Dude stop being pussy come on you're Zayn fucking Malik what are you doing moping go out clubbing tonight, find girls and bring them home for fun." Harry winked and laughed

     I laughed and then Liam said the had to go but they'll miss me and left. It was about 8:30 and I looked at the dark sky bored. I thought about Harrys idea, but I don't know if I want to even move on. I mean I don't know, but then I remembered Harry's other idea. "Zayn Malik Womanizer" I kinda liked the sound of that. Maybe I don't need a relationship just yet, maybe I just need a temporary girl. I ran upstairs to take a shower.

     I was in the club already buzzed when a beautiful blonde with long legs and wow. She batted her eyes and smiled the whole night with me. After a few more shots I got her to trust me. I put my hand on her thigh grabbing her tightly. Her eyes got wide and she let out a little gasp, and bit her lip. I would have been a better gentlemen but when she bit her lip I couldn't take it. I yanked her towards the bathroom pulling her into the bathroom. I pushed her up against the wall tugging at her hair. She unbuttoned my shirt and throwing it somewhere across the room. I unzipped her dress and kissed her neck trailing to her stomach. I looked her in the eyes and grinned lifting her up onto the counter. I pulled off with underwear with my teeth. Somewhere in the process my pants become undone. I pressed her against the wall kissing her when someone came int the restroom. Paparazzi of course just my luck.

"Oh my god Zayn Malik wait until my boss see this."

     He ran out so fast I pushed the girl off and walked out calling for a cab. When she came barging out. Throwing a high heel to the back of my head

"Ow what the fuck is your problem?" I touched my neck annoyed

"So am I just you're little whore is that it you dick? You're such a pig just like the rest" I turned to her very annoyed.

"It is not my fault you drank too much or that you were going to have sex with me. I mean I didn't force anything that was you . You're just a whore like the rest baby girl"

     I got into the cab with her yelled very cuss word known to man at me. I laughed and blew a kiss to her making her even more upset. I like this. Me not being hurt me hurting someone who would have hurt me first. I don't need anyone. I moved on. I don't love her anymore.








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