One Year After

After Zayn leaves One direction him and Perry fall apart as well. However, after a year Zayn meets a girl that blows his mind away and tries to make him a better man. Through the process they have to deal with the rumors, old exs, and the fandom. Throughout the relationship they begin to wonder if it's worth it.


4. Lessoned Learned Bitch

 Zayns Pov:

     They all looked at me with this face, but not angry or disappointment. It was pity and if there's one thing I hate it being looked upon with pity. Yes I get that Perrie cheated and I understand that I look like a fucked up mess, but I don't need them. I mean I love that they came to support me, but they should also know I need my space too take in everything. I need to talk to her. I need answers from the backstabbing bitch and I will do anything to get them from her, or the wonderful guy. I wonder who he is and what he's like. Is he better looking, funnier,smarter, better in bed, or is she just that stupid. I looked at the boys grabbed my phone and keys and headed out to my car. Am I still buzzed yeah I am but nothing is going to stop me from getting closure.

     By the time I got to his work I was a mess. I was mad, upset, and hurt. This was probably not going to go well because I know how my temper is and everything, or because this stupid jackass is well stupid. I finally got out of the car and entered the coffee shop hoping I'd see him. I looked around and didn't see him at all, but I did see another worker.

"Uh excuse me, but do you know a John Parker?" what a jackass name god I hate him.

"Oh John yeah he should be coming in any minute now actually he just pulled up" 

     My heart stopped and I slowly turned around and saw John of course, but what I didn't expect was him kissing a different girl other than Perrie. I couldn't help but laugh. Why? because Perrie left me for a cheater. I took out my phone and took a picture of this mystery women and called Perrie with the biggest smile plastered on my face. When I walked out it was the best reaction ever from John.

"Zack wait it's not what it looks like I swear don't tell her-"

"One it's Zayn and two well this will be fun goodbye uh what is it Jack?"

"Its John. She won't believe your word over mine so yeah go tell her but I win."
"You're right goodbye Parker"

     I was so happy pulling into her new flat. All though at first she wasn't excited that I called, but when I said her relationship is on the line well she found her heart. I walked to the steps of her house happy as fuck. I knocked and rang the door bell twice. She opened it looking well sexy like usual. I pushed passed her and went to the kitchen and looked for her wine.

"Uh Zayn I don't think wine will help the situation we're in"

"Oh no darling this isn't for me it's for you" 

     She looked at me when such confusion. I grinned and for the hell of it poured me a glass of wine and took the two cups up stair to her balcony view.

"So how are you and John, Perrie? No secrets, no cheating, nothing of that?"

"No Zayn and I am quite happy with him. Why are you here Zayn just go please."

     I walked up to her placed my hand other hip and pulled her in closer. I kissed her cheek and neck. What surprised me was she wasn't mad she was letting me. I picked her up and went to her bedroom or whatever this bedroom was. I ripped her dress off and kissed her in thigh just to have her moaning. I stopped when I heard John in the room. I smiled and well she wasn't the happiest.

"Oh Perrie by the way your little pretty John was kissing another girl. Here's a picture but I mean you won't be mad right because you kinda let me do the same."

   They glanced at each other and I exited the room and was walking down stairs hearingt them fight. Ahh sweet revenge on the poor tramp she is. We would have been such great couple. I turned on my car and headed back to my house having Perrie try to call me about twenty times. I pulled up and got out seeing the boys left and I felt relieved. I guess my closure was getting back at her. I logged onto twitter. Than a brilliant idea came to me. I composed a tweet that would keep her in the spotlight for a while

"Fun time with Perrie today! (; You taste great babe. Once a cheater always a cheater xo Zayn" with an attach meant of me kissing her thigh oh and her great boyfriend cheating

     Lesson learned never fuck with me again 





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