One Year After

After Zayn leaves One direction him and Perry fall apart as well. However, after a year Zayn meets a girl that blows his mind away and tries to make him a better man. Through the process they have to deal with the rumors, old exs, and the fandom. Throughout the relationship they begin to wonder if it's worth it.


2. Home Sweet Home

Zayn's Pov:

    The plane ride was some what long, but I think it was because most of the time I was thinking how I would make it up. I knew Perrie has been on the edge lately with me and us so yes of course I was worried. I fell asleep after I realized I had five more hours on the plane.

     I was so nervous. It was my house and I was frightened to enter it, but I was so relieved. I opened the door slowly and stepped in heading upstairs into our bedroom. I heard Perrie talking to someone on the phone and I wanted to listen but I was scared to hear what she would say. Right as I was about to walk in I heard a male voice come through the door calling for Perrie. I hid around the corner hoping they didn't hear me.

"Perrie babe?"

"Hey John. Why are you here today?"

"Well I heard Zayn was in town and I was here to comfort oyou after you tell him the news."

"Zayn's here? When and how'd you even figure this out?"


"I don't know if I want to break it off John.."

"What about us?! You said-"

"I know what I said but-"

     I was so mad. How dare she do this. I mean i understand I cheated on her, but a long relationship behind my back. I came from the corner and it took everything in me to not beat the shit out of this John guy. He wasn't even that great looking. Just weird ass blonde hear and blue eyes how plain. I looked at her with such sadness and anger, but I was so heart broken I couldn't even yell.

"Why? Why ruin us with him Perrie..."

"Zayn I didn't mean for you to find out like this, but it wasn't a for sure thing I swear."

"For sure thing?! You literally were talking about it with him right now. Hey you know what yeah lets call it all off. Fuck it Perrie I mean I know you aren't happy with me anymore so what's the point? Just pack your shit and leave with John"

     I saw she wanted to argue, but she knew I was right and iI think that hurt the most. How I was right about her not being happy with me anymore. Was I really that bad of a boyfriend. I turned to John and shook my head and just let all the emotions hit me. I couldn't help it. I walked up to him and punch his nose so hard and heard it crack so loud. Perrie of course screamed and ran to him. I was disgusted with her. How dare she chose him over me. Fuck them. She'll be sorry I know she'll be sorry. 

     After the whole John thing Perrie got all of her stuff, yelled at him, and left. I was fine with this I looked at her so plain, no emotion, and I just didn't care at this point. As soon as she left I went straight to the liquor cabinet. I knew this wasn't the way to cope but fuck man. Our whole relationship and she decides she wanted two men. Was one not good enough? Was I not a good boyfriend. I washed at least two bottles down and stumbled up stair tripping over every step there was. I really reached my bed and couldn't help it anymore. Everything was shit, My life has been going down and down, there's nothing great anymore, but that's life for you. I laughed at myself for being so pathetic over her, but she held my heart fro so long. She was the girl to calm me when I was angered or saddened and now it's over all for some douche John. I'm just going to keep it low for a while. I don't want to date, I don't want to produce, and I don't want to leave unless it necessary. This will be my life. Trying to fix what Perrie Edwards broke.   

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