One Year After

After Zayn leaves One direction him and Perry fall apart as well. However, after a year Zayn meets a girl that blows his mind away and tries to make him a better man. Through the process they have to deal with the rumors, old exs, and the fandom. Throughout the relationship they begin to wonder if it's worth it.


3. 22 Shots later

Zayn Pov:

     I knew I should've stopped at five, but five went to seven and seven went to fifteen and so on. Now I'm on twenty two and crying like a drunk bastard. I came here to work things out with the love of my life and I end up finding out she's cheating on me just great. I fucked our relationship up, I couldn't even keep her happy I had one fucking job.

     Next thing I know there's glass on the floor and blood all over me. I woke up with the biggest headache in the world. I suppose I got so drunk I knocked out. i realized what happened last night and the emotions came over me again. Fuck my life. I don't want to deal with her anymore fuck her man. I tried getting up but i realized I should just lay here a little longer pondering in my thoughts. I was debating if I wanted to open up another bottle for myself to help, but i realized what a bad idea was that. Then I realized how much I couldn't care. So more shots it is! I got up slowly and went to the fridge to get orange juice to mix it with and walked to pour myself more to drink. I walked with the two bottles in my hand to the television and turned it on. I flipped through the channels and saw the boys had an interview today. I sat up and watched as the answered question of why I quite and all that shit. Then the unexpected came up and even they were shocked.

"So boys did you know that Perrie Edwards was cheating on Zayn and called it off yesterday"

     I saw the boys eye opened and the crowd gasped in shock. Liam excused himself from the staged and walked off. Right then the boys said they had to be somewhere and they thanked him for having them and walked of as well. Just then I got a call formulaic himself ahh good Li.

"Zayn Malik at your services" I chucked answering

"Zayn we just found out are you okay man? Where are you right now? We're flying out as soon as possible."

"One of course I'm okay she didn't mean shit man, Two I'm at home, and Three don't worry man make songs you really don't need to worry about me I'm fine I'm doing well." 

     He hung up and I realized I downed at least ten more shots which means i was drunk and he could tell so they would be over soon. I looked at the bottle and chugged that baby down so fast. Next thing I know my vision is blurred. I got up as easy as possible but of course I stumbled into the kitchen and again fell of the stupid glass I never got to clean up. Now two bottles were shattered. I felt like them. Broken. I feel so empty, lifeless, and I feel pathetic for feeling this way. I sat down on the floor it was so cold it felt amazing. I realized i was tired and stumbled back into the living room to lay on the couch.

"We can't trust him alone look what he did within the spam of two days."

"Okay well we can't higher a babysitter Liam he's not six anymore he's a big boy"

"Well last time I checked big boys don't make this much of a mess look at him- Oh my god is that blood?! Harry wake him up"

"Why me? You and Niall were talking have him."

"Naill is not as close to Zayn wake him up you dumbs"

"I'm awake assholes"

     I opened my eyes and saw all four eyes looking at me with pity and god did I hate it. I swear to god I am not letting anymore in anymore. She is the last one.

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