The Beach House

Taken from the prompt method for breaking writers block i was given a line and a story emerged from that line. It is about a story if vacationers which turns deadly.


1. Contest Entry: for Horror

The vacation cottage you rented for the summer has a locked room, which you break into and...



As the lock broke open, that the door opened with a slow creaking sound, the hinges rusted by the lack of use and a lone stairwell disappears into the darkness below. 



It was such a summer in 1969 that we found such a room in our house, our cottage we rented in South Florida. My buddy, my girlfriend, his spouse and I, all hopped into the car from Nashville, Tennessee, and together we traversed miles of roads to the promised land of Fort Lauderdale Florida.  It would be a trip that we would never forget of the worst chaos in the history of any vacation that we had ever spent in Florida in a rented guest house.



But set the Way back machine to three weeks prior to today, and I was sitting on the couch with a beer watching the tube when my buddy Joseph called, I had just settled in to watch the Chicago Cubs, take on the local team in MLB.  I had just popped open my beer and took a swig as my girlfriend, Susan came dressed in a bikini, coming from the pool trying to beat the typical muggy Tennessee Heat.



“You got my beer there honey?” My girlfriend asked, and I nodded, turning my body to grab it and hand it to her as she rounded the couch. She is quite the special girl, having been with her since High School and through college together, we were living together in Nashville for a year I turned my attention to the game on the television. Until the phone rang a moment later and annoyed that I picked up the receiver.  



“Yello!:” I scoffed quickly into the receiver, “It’s your nickel.”



“Sam, it’s me, Joe!” My buddy told me, and I gasped, waving at Sue to hit the pause button on the TEVO, pausing the live stream of Baseball.



“Honey! It’s Joe!” I said excitedly, I had not seen him since we were Seniors in High School over five years ago, playing for the Tennessee Falcons. It is here he met Jill, his now wife, and I met Sue my girlfriend.



“Joe! Old buddy. How the hell are ya!” I said brightly.



“Not bad, not bad.” He replied, “The reason I am calling, it’s our wedding Anniversary coming up and we rented a place in Florida and wanted to know if you and Sue would like to go share it with us for a week.  No bills just us, and we can spend some time together.”



“Joe is asking if we want to go to Florida on a road trip to share their wedding Anniversary together.” I said to Sue, and she smiled brightly.




“Oh can’t we?” She replied, “I have been dying to see Disney world and try on my new bikini I got with you just in mind.”



“I don’t know, Joe.” I replied, “How long are we going to be gone?”




“A week, plus two weekends….” Joe replied. “I was thinking to drive it; the beach house is up on the middle of Florida near Jacksonville. Think you can get a week off and two weekends from that job of yours to come to Florida?”



“I know I can swing it, I don’t know about Sue.”  I quipped, “Sue, honey think you can get a week off from work and school to go to Florida?”




“Spring break is in a week, Honey.” Sue replied, as she adjusted the swimsuit, letting her tits waggle in the dim light of the Apartment.



            “I think we have a date.” I said, and Joe, I could hear, was chatting with his wife Jillie in the background which there was a cheer in the background.



            “We’ll bring the beer and the suntan oil!” Joe joked and I hung up.  I embraced Susan, grasping her butt and reaching from my cold beer, to place it in the waistband of her bikini.



            “Hey!” She screamed playfully, as she put a thumb over the top of her beer to shake it, making a stream of yellow beer spray all over me. I kissed her, despite our coverage with beer and picked her up and we adjourned to the shower.


Little did I know that this was only the beginning of the start of our adventure to Florida ---



In a day and a half we were down in Florida between the four of us taking share of the driving, and as we pulled up toward the Beach house, that a low cloud like cover flooded the beach. It was here that Sue and I, seated in the back seat, glanced at each other in confusion as the streak of lightning catapulted across the sky, and a sharp wind whipped the long vegetation visible around the beach house.  It was a dingy house, run down slightly with crumbling fences, faded awnings, and weather worn decks.  A strange place and aura seemed to surround this place. As we drive up into the driveway, following the road that lead us to it, that a strange mist seemed to swirl about the vegetation and trees that surrounded this place.



            “What an unusual place.” Jill said, as we were a mile off the main highway and in the distance we could hear the surf of the beach behind the wall of trees.



            “Where the hell is this place?” I asked Joe and he turned and shrugged



            “Certainly didn’t look like the brochure bud!” He said, and I scoffed at the thought.



“You girls stay here.” Joe said, grabbing his pistol, loading it with a snap as he pushed in the clip and a click as he cocked it.



He left our side and he carefully inspected the place and after a moment he motioned for all of us to come close.



“Alright the place looks clean.” JJr




“Great!” Jill said, pulling off her top, revealing her 33 C breasts and slipped on her bikini top again.



“Jesus, Jill!” Sue said, “There might be people watching.”



“Let’ em watch…” She replied coyly.



“I’ll get the bags.” I said, and I went to the car, popping the trunk and grabbing everyone’s bag.  Joe still with the pistol in hand , lead with it as he unlocked the door, and entered the musty old beach house.



It was dingy and dark, with yellow and blue colored walls, a wooden floor and decked out with a couch, TV, and a bar counter in the kitchen with the stools next to it.



“Ugh…” Jill said, putting her finger on the counter, revealing the layer of dust that collected here.



“Ah don’t fret.” Joe said, “We can have it clean in an hour and ship shape. The owner did mention that they had not been here in a while.”



Jill walked and peeked into the large bathroom, a stand up shower and a dual sink, then turning she inspected the large bedrooms. The beds of course were bare, the mattresses looking comfortable, and a large dresser with a mirror in the master bedroom.  The other had an identical setup and arrangement. She came then to a locked door.



            “Hey there is a locked door here.” Jill shouted, and running Joe and I and Sue ran toward her.



            “That’s odd, there should not be.” He mused, “The owner said everything should be accessible for use.  Jill tried the door, and there was a click, click noise that happened as she turned the knob.



            “I’ll let the owner know.” I said, and turned to grab the cell phone.



            “Oh don’t bother, he won’t mind if we break it open.” Joe said, and grabbing his wallet he pulled out a credit card.



            “Not the old credit card trick.” Sue said, and I laughed as he nodded.



            Slipping it into the doorjam , he moved it several times, and then withdrew it, as he pulled open the door.



            “Presto!” He said sharply, and I saw sue and Jill laugh.



            “Look a staircase.” I said, “Looks pretty narrow too, I wonder where it leads, the basement?”



            “Well we are in Florida, there are hurricanes.” Joe said, as he snapped his fingers.  Jill threw him the flashlight. Clicking it on, he shined it down the staircase. He saw the light switch and he reached out to flip it, with no reaction.



            Little did they see that something saw them, and its red eyes turned to narrow as it sensed the four humans that now invaded its domain. As it watched and waited that it withdrew from the light that shone down into the darkness.



            “I’ll check the fuses.” Joe said, as he disappeared into the darkness.



            “Be careful honey.” Jill told him, and kissed him before he left.



            “Keep the pistol with you. You don’t know what’s down there.” I said, “and keep taking!” Joe smiled and scoffed at the notion.



            “Did you find it?” I shouted.



“Yes, it will be a moment and….” Joe prompted, as the interior lights of the whole room flickered and came on.



            “Let there be light~!” Joe shouted back, and I heard what appeared to be a scuffle. 



“Joe?” I shouted, and there was no answer.  “Joe! Don’t fool around!”



A loud scream echoed from the doorway, followed by what appeared to be roar followed by gunshots. A moment later footsteps could be heard as a scream cut off followed.



“Holy shit!” I said, “Someone is here.” I drew my pistol from the holster, and peered into the darkness.  Two red eyes peered back at me.



I took aim and I fired multiple rounds into the darkness, emptying a clip but the eyes remained. I squinted into the darkness and the eyes remained, a cold breath and the sweat of feat overwhelmed my senses.



“Is Joe dead?” Jill sobbed, and sobbed as he nodded in reply.



“I think so.” I replied, and suddenly around us the doors slammed, and windows closed. Jill ran to the door, turning the knob.



“It’s jammed!” She gasped, and continued to pull at the door.  It was all in vain as something grabbed Jill, ripping her clothes from her body as she was brutalized before me, and her neck was snapped. Sue was thrown against a wall, as she was violated from behind and a stream of blood spurted from her neck as something reached out to cut her jugular cleanly.



I backed into a corner, holding my pistol, as I watched the two girls die before my eyes and firing my pistil in all directions I let out a bloodcurdling shout as round after round ricochet against the walls around me. A fist rammed into me face as I was knocked backward, dazing me, and I felt a pain in my chest. Looking down the last thing I saw was my heart beating to a final end as it was ripped from my chest and I fell to the floor, blackness filling in around me.



I screamed, grabbed the pistol, and with ragged breathing peered around the darkened, empty room.  I felt hands on me, a moment later.



“Honey, are you alright?” Sue asked, and she caressed me, “It was a dream, put the pistol down and go back to sleep.



“It was a weird dream.” I murmured, “The house was possessed, and you and Jill were raped and killed, Joe was eaten and I had to fight it alone.”



“It was just a dream honey.” She assured, me, and I slipped the pistol back under the pillow.



As I lay there, I frowned, wondering if what I saw was real or not, and as my eyes closed I did not notice the red eyes that watched from afar in the hallway as a thing stood there watching, waiting, and wondering what to do to these intruders that had invaded its domain.  It was no dream, the event was not and had not happened yet and was coming as something wicked this way came from the mysterious door to the basement.



WC: 2000

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