Trust in Blue

Coral's senior year gets interrupted by the new boy with eyes that are as blue as her favorite thing, the water. Seeton reveals Coral's biggest secret that she wasn't even aware of. With love in the air, is Seeton bringing good into Coral's life or does she wish her senior year would have been an uneventful year?


1. Preface

    The piercing cold water rushed over my feet. Even though it was calm today, I felt the pull of the tide as I kept trudging forward. Instead of getting colder, my body started to warm, accepting the ocean water like it never had before. I stared at the crystal blue eyes in front of me.  It splashed over my waist now and I felt him take my hand in his. We stood side by side, moving in further together. 

    As the water came close to my neck, my heart started to race. 

    “It’s going to be okay,” his whisper instantly soothed me.

    I took a deep breath before the water engulfed my whole body. At first, I felt as if I was suffocating. I struggled to reach the surface again, but he pulled me down. His hands fell hard on my shoulders. My feet planted firmly to the ocean floor. I squinted my eyes, but then realized they opened wide with ease. My lungs slowly expanded and I didn’t feel the need to hold my breath any longer. I looked to his face, his smile shining brightly through the clear water. He opened his arms wide, presenting to me a world I had never known existed. 

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