Trust in Blue

Coral's senior year gets interrupted by the new boy with eyes that are as blue as her favorite thing, the water. Seeton reveals Coral's biggest secret that she wasn't even aware of. With love in the air, is Seeton bringing good into Coral's life or does she wish her senior year would have been an uneventful year?


2. First Day

    “Come on Wesley,” I pulled the covers off my best friends face, “we’re going to be late.”

    “Coral,” he whispered my name, pulling the blankets back over his head, “Come here,” I leaned down, kneeling by his bed, “Closer,” his voice getting quieter. I rolled my eyes, but put my ear right next to his mouth, “Get out.”

    “Wes! We’re going to be late for our first day of senior year, come on.” At this point I pulled his blankets all the way off his bed as he curled into a fetal position.

    “I’m naked! Don’t look at me,” he grinned as he tried covering his body with his hands.

    “Oh shut up, you’re the closest thing I have to a sibling.”

    “I know and that means I can kick you out of my room,” he finally stood and pushed me all the way into the hallway, slamming the door in my face.

    “I want you downstairs in five!” I yelled. I heard the floor creak as his feet scurried into the bathroom. I smiled and went down to the kitchen. His mom, practically my mom, sat at the dining room table with paper work spread out over the whole wooden surface. 

    “I’m guessing he’s not as excited about senior year as you are,” she looked up at me through her reading glasses.

    “Definitely not,” I laughed and snagged a banana from the counter. I looked around the kitchen and stopped at the stainless steal fridge. Only one picture remained hanging after this summer. Wesley’s dad was finally caught in his affair that I had expected since sophomore year. It was messy. Wesley spent a lot of time at my house for the past two months. I could tell his mom was happy to have him back, especially since this house was way too big for just two people.

    The picture was of Wesley and I when we were 10. I still remember the day perfectly. It was the first day of summer break and we spent a whole eight hours on the beach. He had gotten stung by a jellyfish. In the picture, I kneeled down next to him, my hand lightly placed on his shoulder, and his face full with tears looking right at mine. Wesley’s footsteps down the stairs made the memory disappear and I came back to the present.

    “Well come on, I’ve been waiting on you!” Wesley grabbed an apple out of a bowl. I pushed him and grabbed my keys. 

    “Have a good first day!” He gave his mom a kiss on the cheek, and we were finally on our way to the first day of our last year.

    “Sorry I had to steal you from Milly today,” my Jeeps top was off, so I had to yell to be heard.

    “Don’t be sorry,” Wes waved his hand, “she understood!” That was the last thing said as we continued to enjoy the beautiful August day.

    Wesley had first started dating Milly in the summer before junior year.  At first, me and Wesley being best friends was obviously not okay, but after she warmed up to me, she understood our relationship. She’s probably the closest thing I’ve had to a girlfriend that I would actually want to hang out with. The three of us became a lot closer after dealing with Wes’s family issues.

    We pulled into the parking lot. People were everywhere. Our school had over 2,600 kids in it, but I am always proud with how many of them I know, at least in my grade. “Are you ready for the best year of your life?” Wesley smiled over to me.

    “Let it begin,” we gave a high-five and started towards the school. I wouldn’t say I was sad about it being my senior year, but I love this school and everyone in it, so the last day was going to be hard. The usual football players and their cheerleader girlfriends stood on the front, stone steps. Even though I do love the school, we have many, many cliques. 

    “Hey Cor,” I saw Brice give a little wave and other people joined. I smiled and returned the wave, but kept my pace with Wesley. 

    “And the big, bad Brice strikes again,” Wes held his hand to his mouth like he was an announcer with a microphone.

    “He’s just being nice,” I rolled my eyes. 

    “He’s the closest thing you have ever had to a boyfriend. He knows it, his friends know it, and the school knows it. I didn’t see what was wrong with him. I don’t think he knows either since he’s still after you.”

    “He’s not still after me, we’re just friends. End of discussion,” I laced my arm through Wes’ and pulled him into the school, leaving my past behind me.

    We went to our lockers to put our book bags away. The same two lockers we have had since freshmen year. Milly came and met up with us. We went our separate ways as I went to the main office. “Good morning Miss Marin,” Mrs. O’Donnell, our secretary, greeted me with a smile, “how was your summer?”

    “It was great! How about yours?”

    “Wonderful,” she said sweetly. For an older women, I felt more connected to her than I did most people. “There aren’t many announcements for the first few days, so just greet everyone back.” I nodded and took my place in front of the little microphone. The bell rang which was my queue to start. 

    “Welcome back students!” I started the speech. When finishing, I visited with Mrs. O’Donnell for a few more minutes, then started toward my first class. As I walked out of the office doors, I saw a boy pass, almost in a blur. His dark hair had a little spike to it and his body was tall and lean, built like a swimmer. I hurried out of the door and saw our vice principal leading him down the hall. He must be new.

    I had to walk that same way, but stayed far enough back so they didn’t notice me. Mr. Logan wasn’t my favorite person. They stopped right in front of my class and the vice principal held open the door for him, then looked to me. “Good morning Miss Marin,” he nodded. I returned a smile as he passed. I walked into the classroom and took an empty seat towards the back since that was the only one left. The mystery boy sat a few rows in front of me. He was so still and just stared at the teacher as she talked. She started attendance, “Coral Marin.”

    “Here,” I said and the boy turned to look at me. My breath caught as I saw his crystal blue eyes. It was if I was staring right into the ocean itself. He turned back around without a change in his expression. I listened carefully for the name when he answered here, but it never came. “Did I miss anyone?” Mrs. White called out. The boy raised his hand.

    “I’m new,” his voice was music, “my names Seeton.”

    “Your last name?”

    He seemed to hesitate for a minute, “Brook.”

    “Welcome to our school,” she smiled sweetly. Seeton’s shoulders seemed to fall like he let out a held breath. Mrs. White started right into the lesson on the first day and fifty minutes later, the bell rang. After three more classes, it was finally time for lunch. I went to my locker and Wesley and Milly stood against his.

    “Why don’t we have any classes together? I haven’t seen you all day,” Wes asked me.

    “We have all afternoon classes together, remember?”

    “Oh, right,” he looked up in thought, “so, who’s this new guy?” We all started towards the cafeteria.

    “I don’t know. Why would I know?” I said a little too defensive. My cheeks started to turn rosy, which tends to happen for no reason. Did someone I didn’t even know have that effect on me?

    “You just have an ‘in’ that none of us do, Miss President,” he shoved me lightly.

    “They don’t tell me about new students,” I rolled my eyes as we walked through the cafeteria doors. Seniors get to sit up the steps in a place that overlooked the rest of the students. As we walked to the stairs, I saw Seeton sitting at the end of one of the tables. Before I could even suggest to ask him to sit with us, Wesley broke off from us. I saw him tap Seeton, say something, and Seeton nodded. The next thing I knew, he was following us up the stairs. 

    I sat across the table from Wes and Milly. Seeton plopped in the seat next to me. 

    “Names Wesley,” Wesley stuck out his hand. Seeton looked at his hand at first, then grabbed it, shaking slowly, “And this is my girl friend, Milly.” Wesley acted like he didn’t even notice the awkward handshake. 

    “I’m Cor-”

    “Coral, I know,” Seeton flashed a brilliant smile. I couldn’t stop from blushing. I put my head down and started opening my lunch. “I’m Seeton. Thanks for offering me the seat. Being the new kid is a drag.”

    “It’ll get easier. We don’t even know half the people in our own grade because there are so many people,” Wes, of course, made the conversation easy going as I was just minding my own business trying not to hyperventilate. 

    “So where are you from?” I finally spoke up out of curiosity.

    “California. My dad’s job got transferred, so here I am.”

    “Are you happy about the move?”

    “So far, so good,” the corners of his mouth inched upward. It’s like his smile was contagious because mine never left my face for the rest of lunch.


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