Mangle's story

Okay I know a TON of people do stuff almost EXACTLY like that but that does not, I repeat does NOT mean that I am copying them. I just got bored and this is my first story so please don't judge (even though I know people will anyways :T) But anyways I hope you enjoy this!


1. The Newbie

Hi my name is Felicity! Felicity the pirate fox! Well, my nickname is Mangle, so you can go ahead and call me that. Anywhoodles, I'm the newest student at a new school (originally a pizzeria) along with 5 others. Now I could tell you who they are, but I personally don't know them. I also have a pet parrot, which is connected to me (literally), so I'm excused from any form of punishment. I could sit here and blab about myself for hours, but I should really be getting to class if you know what I'm saying. I'll talk later! Bye!


I walk to class and sit down, and the teacher Mr. Goldfred seems pleased. I'm the first student in the classroom. Since I'm trying to make a good first impression with the teachers, I'm being kind of a goodie two shoes. A few minutes pass, and the class room fills up with a variety of students. About 30 minutes into class, I receive a note saying; "Hey you must be new! If you want to hang out sometime I'm usually free! Oh I'm the golden colored rabbit over to your right. -Springtrap"

I look over to my right and find 'Springtrap' waving to me. I wave back and nod my head smiling. It seems like I've made a new friend already!


*BRIIIIIIING!* "That's the bell!" I think, and walk out the door.

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