Mangle's story

Okay I know a TON of people do stuff almost EXACTLY like that but that does not, I repeat does NOT mean that I am copying them. I just got bored and this is my first story so please don't judge (even though I know people will anyways :T) But anyways I hope you enjoy this!


2. Someone like me

As I walk to my locker I'm stopped by someone's hand on my shoulder.

"Please don't go las! I'd like to meet ye!"

"Oh umm, hello."

I stand facing a fox with a hook and an eye patch. He has a yellow eye and torn up pants.

"The name be Foxy! Foxy the pirate fox!" Foxy says, bowing his head slightly. "And who might this fine lass be?"

"I'm Felicity. Felicity the pirate fox. You can call me Mangle. That's my nickname."

"It's nice to meet ye Mangle! Say! How'd ye get the nickname? I mean, if ye don't mind me askin' that is."

"Oh! No! It's quite alright. They call me Mangle because I used to be a take apart, put back together attraction, and I got mangled up a lot."

"Aye that's such a shame. You seem like a nice lassy who wouldn't deserve such a thing."

"It's fine to be honest. No need to pity me."

"I like yer parrot!" he says, petting my parrot's chin

"Thanks! I like yer-- err, your hook!" I blush a little bit.

"Thank ye! Well I best be off to class! I'll see ye around!"

"Bye!" I wave and walk off to class.

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