will he ever get her?


11. 6


~~ so befor we went to are camping store we bought some fairy light and light/candle holders food and some patterned tapestries from the money ive collected from work.

2 hours later...

we arrived at this beach island thing and in the middle there was this little spot for like hangouts and me and the boys rought out are surfboards and everything we needed to camp. me and Michael set up the fairy lights and tapestries around the camp sight.

hey gu it getting pretty dark we should maybe make a fire or something. yeah sure thing. Michael pecks my lips at how wonderful of a job we have done. the boys build the fire and ask me to tell them more about myself.

ok so the basics my name is lilac skywaters I have a little brother named Justin nd I havnt seen them for about half a year now bc they are taking crae of my grandparents. serious shit is... no one knew who I was in school and I knew everybody they came to all my parties I threw and im the mysterious party througher ive thrown the biggest parties off all school years. I was bullied by this kid named calum and this girl named sally but I call her slutty micksally. now this is why im here ok so it was befor 5th period and they calum and sally where at my locker making out so I told them off and then they told me to kill myself so I left school and made my pla to do online schooling and come here and act like I faked a death I threw pain killer all over the bathroom floor to make it look like I did something.

wow that is a brilliant plan u did there. luke says. ik ik I cant wait to see there faces :-)))

the boys told me scary stories

A/N I now that his chapter isn't in it original font as my other chaper the font didn't save  

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