will he ever get her?


10. 5

 finally all my cuts have been healed and no where to be seen. me and they boys are in the car to got to the zoo and we hired a driver so we could a have fun. right now we are in the back room hanging out not much.

10 min later. we arrive at the zoo  and I wanted to go see the koala exhibit. I actualy got to hold one. we tried to visit all the animas and what not Michael we sorta lost him he said he will be at the bathroom and all of us where ready to eav not efor I got to get a souvenir of course on are way to the small little shops we spot Michael with a koala bear in his hand. hey lilac can I talk to u. yah sure was sup. this is for u. can I be yours it said. ik we havnt known each other for tht long and u have to go back in a short period of time but this rip will be way better if u where mine. yes of course and with tht me and Michael share are first kiss together. we walk back to the group hand in hand. ASHRON U OWE ME 30! yes I won... wait u etted on us? no we betted on michale if hes going to ask u to be his ashton thought he was to ig of a pussy to say so. oh ok .

next off the theme park..

skip theme park they just went on every ride

a/n a little lazy todo proably a bad chapter

if u want heres an early code thingy if ur interested. ea9dc166-2640-4606-8bbb-82334a72d5a2

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