will he ever get her?


14. 4

so we are on are way to the boys house and where im going to be staying till I find a place ashton has informed me tht they have been at michaels girlfriends house o she dosnt put her money to waist and her house has a slide to go down stair. the also said they have bought a bouncie house bc they felt like it and lasty she leaves in two day. we get to he house and all ashton told me to go into the black and white house bc tht where they have been staying.  I cant wait to see this oys and tht till but not any more mystery girl. 

I walk into the house tht ash has told me to go in to its a really nice house. moment of surprise.

BOYS CALUM HOME!!! I yell through out the house. I see the two boy coming out from   the pool and run straight to me!! calum  weve missed u budy I thought u would never come back. oh hey calum u wanna mee my new girlfriend he going to go back in todays so u hould meet her now.

then I see her I ru up o her and hg she dost hug back. ur not dead omf I thought u killed yourself!!

 calum let go of me I dot like u one bit plz jut get away from me. the boys stare t u comfused. calum  tell them calum tell them what uve have done tell them. im going to go take shower than off omewhere dot follow and whe I come back they better know she says then walked off.

well are you going to tell us..

well u best sit here we ggo





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