will he ever get her?


9. 4

 so me and the boys decided sense ive been here for almost 2 weeks now and my month is almost over we are going to take a trip around Australia. first we are going to the zoo then the theme park and then camp out for 2 days. take a rest from the traveling then the next day we are going to gt a road trip to perth since we are in Sydney and then gt the parks and music stores aso the art museums in perth. lasly we are going to gt ondon for my last week bc the boys have to be there any ways and they've decided to take me along with them so I don't feel alone. no but not east for my last ful day with the boys we are going to gt the beach one last time.

LETS GET PACKING BOYS WE LEAV AT 7AM!! the boys leave to gt theres to pack their things and I go up to my room and pack my polaroid, film , cannon cloths swim suit ,sunies etc hair thing make up and so on and so on.

the boys come back and drop all their thing in my little storage room next to the door and we all sleep in the living room. I actually decided I wanted to actually sleep in my own bed for once. I head to my room but im not alone. hey  Michael I thought u where asleep.. wel u thought wrong he says with a smerk . wanna sleep with me? yeah why not. Michael cuddles me in the bed and I feel his hot breath against my back. I fall aseep to the warmth of Michael.


its 7am and the michae and i where up first at 6:30 staring at eah other making famces still cuddling. i was happy i just wish i was his.

it hit 7 n nun of the boys where awake so we got up and Michael thought of a way to get the boys up. we went to a 24?7 shop and bout fart bombs. i didn't think of this efor but my house is going to smelling...

we pop it and run o the  back yard nd shut it. we suddenly see 2 teenaged oys gasping for air from the horrid smell btw me n Michael locked all the doors and windows.

after 10 minutes of torture luke through up in the flower out and ashton couldn make it any where so he through up on the floor...

the boys and i cleaned out the smell and cleaned the throw up and got ready. by  we left we got into the boys tour bus tht they happen to have. first off the zoo


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