will he ever get her?


7. 3lilac

 it has been a week since ive been in Australia and im actually liking it no actually im loving it
(mic Donald's theme song came into my mind) so far ive spent it with the boys and they just made e feel so welcome. usually ill gt the their flat for the first couple of days but then they thought u know what since ur visiting and we liv here we should start using ur flat so ur not putting ur money to waist. so... sofar they have taken me to water parks theme parks and so on and so on... today the oys had to g the studio and I deiced tht im going to gt the music store tht was just around the corner.i bought acouple of album and got a job there for Mondays and Tuesdays. making my way to my flat. the boys are back and currently hanging out in m flat drinking bear and eating my food.

so what are we watching throwing my bags on to the white lazy boy couch tht no one was sitting on. football and heyy ur back ash says. where did u go any ways luke ask I went to the music shop around the corner and I actually got job there for Monday and Tuesday.

heyyy I got a job there to for but I work all week. mikey says happy. working buddies!!! I say.

the rest of the night we watched tv and fellasleep all cudded on to the couch.


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