will he ever get her?


13. 3

right after class I went straight to lilacs house just to go back and look at how many bomb ass parties where thrown here. my heart stop beating as soon as I see it. a for sale sign on the side of lilacs house. I call the number tht I have saw.

hello they answer

hi um im here bc I see a for sale sighn of the  house on something and something street. yes it wont be completely for sale till every thing is cleaned and furnished ill call back when its ready may I get ur name calum hood. thank you for the help.

 I cant any more I cant. I came to LA for a new start I guess im going back to Australia I cant face the city tht I may have made someone kill them selves.

  I ring up my old buddy ashton...

hey ash u think u can pick me p from the airport in like 2 days I think im going back home. yeah of course buddy see u then and some really nice gal has came for a visit u should come and visit well Im getting the first flight I see and only a one way see u soon bro. ok bye.

well I guess this is good bye LA.

half and hour later....

ive bought my ticket to Australia and I cant wait right now im on the plane to Australia and im almost there .... we are now landing place all seat belts and turn off ur pones and electronic thank u.

20 min later...

im at baggage claim and I ring up ash hey im here u here..

yeah im outside I didn't tell any of the boys yet.. I wanted ti to be a surprise.

oh and the gurl visiting is now michaels girlfreidns luke "sister" and my best friend. oh ok I  hope I can get along with her too


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