will he ever get her?


6. 2lilac

ive did some planning ahead so instead of taking and uber places and living in a hotel ive rented a black jeep nd a two story 2 bedroom house. I sound rich but really im not this is all from saving my money nd switching my bank account to Australian money currency thingy idk tbh. any ways it 9:48pm here and ive just landed went through security and bagged claim. now im heading to the rentals for cars and picked up my car. with help from gps ive gotten to my house. its a black and white and grey outside and brown black grey and white inside very basic but there is some color. it now 11pm and im tired I get settled in and head off to bed.

skip time period

I wake up around 10 am and honestly not as jet lagged as I thought I would have been. I so my regular routine and put my cloths nd things away. suddenly I get a call from my friend  cat but her real name is cat. Hey why weren't u at school today. u cant tell any one im a new destination fir the next month or more bye got to go. it nearly noon and I don't have any food so I head to the shops down the street I get dressed in ablack muscle tank and some shorts. I grab my ankle sandals and my round sunnies and put my hair into a bun and go.    

I walk half way to the shops then I get stopped. hey im luke ive never seen u around here and ik this neighbor hood really good. do u know seems like u don't because im here and im staying here for the next month. well then I never got ur name mystery girl?? lilac. cool name where do u liv though. black and white house. oh cool im ur neighbor. well I have to go to the shops bye. I say. actually im heading there to we should hang out later my friends are coming over and ur a cool person so I think my friends will like you. ok sounds like a plan. we walk into the shops and grab food for the next couple of days and pay.

skip... Ive met the rest of lukes friends and they are all hot especially Michael is personality is just some what like mine we had a lot incommin and me ashton are like new best friend even though luke and I just met hes my brother ive never had in my life.

I think im going to e spending my next month or soo with them.


a/n so she thought...

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