will he ever get her?


12. 2 calum

its been two weeks and no one has said any thing about lilac. then it hit me maybe I should ask her best friend kells. I walk around school and I spot kells sitting on the floor next to her locker teting who ever tf she was texting,

hey kells can I ask you something.

what do u want prick u have 2 min go.

have u seen lilac lately.

why tf do u care all you have done is cause so much trouble and made her feel like shit now leav. im seriouse I. I ii I love her I say in a faint voice.

no no u don't u just want to know if she ok or where is she wat happened to her so u can just ruin her over again u caused her so much pain. now leave. actually she was the one to leave. she got up and locked her locker and went out the school doors but befor she did she said go fuck your self calum hood. im so fucken screwed I thought to my self.

kells pov... needed a change.

I was texting lilac getting to know more about her little pln when the ugly ittle bastard comes up to me. he dosnt love her he just wants to screw her over. I went to lilacs house and put a for sale sighn and put a fake phone number just to make it look more... real. 

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