will he ever get her?


3. 1lilac

 chapter 1...

first things first my morning is like almost like every one elses routine complaining about not wanting to gt school after many snoozes I shower brush teeth get dressed hair make up. oh and most important music.

I have about 5 min to spare so I cover up my scars with make up and check the media. I don't get why we have to leave are heaven of a bed/room/house to the place we call hell also none as school. the ass wipe of a place. I walk into the gates of hell listening to white Iverson y post Malone.

eww the moment ive been dreading Calum hood walking my way.

well see who decided to show up today calum say blocking me to my wonders. oh and did I mention I ditched more than half the week? guess not. any way... I don't even wanna deal with his annoyimg self so I just walk around changing my song to ghost by halsey.

skip to the ed of 4th period...

it about 5 minutes till the bell rings for 4th period and still listening to music and txting my other friends. the bell ring and look there luky me the great calum hood is standing at my locker with the one and only slutty mickcathy making out at my locker great.

me can u like move tf outta my way to my locker u now im trinna build a life and not e late to class.oh and ifu guys wanna make out go under the bleachers. slutty mickcathy calum why wont u tell tht ugly slut to kill her self.lilac may be I will maybe I wont you,ll just find out Monday. with tht I walk out of the school gates and run home with no prolems well just the thought of me wanting o kill myself....

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