will he ever get her?


5. 1calums small chapter


I walked into the school gates shaking. I just hope to see her here. I dotn want someones death on my hands. fidiling with my hands I walk into the hallway. aye calum is u good one of the jocks ask. yeah im good just nervouse.. I walk to her locker she wasn't there FUCKKK!! I waited for what felt like centuries for 5th period. I ran out of class straight to my 5th  period and waited. the teacher took attendance and she wasn't there uhh ohh. I run out of class. I cant believe myself I let the person I ever love die bc of something I said and she dosnt even know it... I go to the office and ask about lilac.

hi umm do u by chance know where lilac skywaters is? name she asks.. Calum hood. do u go here and are u a stuident. yes. sorry tht is private information of due to where and wat lilac skywaters happening and etx. I was lost in my thoughts.


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