will he ever get her?


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Hi my name is Lilac , Lilac Highwaters. I don't have have a nickname of some sort ut yeah. I don't have tht picture perfect family but they are my happy place. I have little brother name Justin he's 5 I named him if he was a girl it would be Justice oh and im 17 I named him tht cause he was my justice in thing tht the age where I started o get bullied at age 11 by the one and only calum hood. I don't let him bring me down no more as long as I have Justin and my friends. I have good amount of friends first off and school isn't my thing. I make sure in all my classes I sit in the back because ethe back is the best. heres my life as Lilac skywaters

A/N instead of highwaters its sky waters :-)



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